July 31, 2018

Kate Spade's husband shares touching photo as tribute to late designer

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Kate Spade was a renowned fashion designer and businesswoman who died by suicide two months ago. She was 55 years old. 

Her husband of 24 years, Andy Spade, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram earlier today. In the caption, he wrote that Kate was born on Christmas Eve in the early sixties. 

The post was accompanied by a tree decorated with Christmas lights. He explained that she 'loved the Midwest, the desert, and the city.' 

'This tree was standing alone beside the house so we ordered those multicolored, old fashioned lights from Amazon or Target.' 


Andy Spade, Instagram, July 31, 2018. 


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He added that a friend gave them a 'really long extension cord' to light up the tree. His daughter -Frances Beatrix or Bea for short - placed the cardboard star at the top. 

Kate's death made headlines back in June when she was found dead in her Park Avenue apartment. Their daughter wasn't home. 


Kate had hanged herself with a scarf, and officials confirmed that a suicide note addressed to her 13-year-old daughter was found on the scene. 

They were not authorized to share the contents of the note. Bea was at school, but Andy was in the apartment at the time. 

Kate had been suffering severe bouts of depression for approximately six years, and the couple were living in separate houses on the same street but had no plans to divorce.

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Andy told People that they "were not legally separated and never even discussed divorce." He added that they were best friends trying to work through their problems. 

Andy also released a heartfelt statement the day after she committed suicide. He described as her the most beautiful woman in the world. Read more on AmoMama here

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.