Trends from the '90s perfect to make a comeback

Edduin Carvajal
Aug 03, 2018
03:52 P.M.
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One of the most interesting aspects of the fashion world is that most of the styles that were trendy during a period of time would eventually come back again.


The reason for that might be that new generations look back and, by just adding a bit of “modernity” and their own touch, old outfits are worn and a “new” trend is created. Even though the 90s seem like yesterday, a couple of styles have been taken back in recent days.

However, some others that were very interesting have not been considered. The truth is that those styles could give nowadays’ clothes a striking effect that could be remembered for years to come.

8-Ball jackets are among them. They were leather jackets with abstract and colorful designs with a big 8-ball on the back and sleeves that made people look tough and trendy at the same time.


Hypercolor clothing was another common choice as they basically were shirts that changed their color based on the temperature, so people could basically wear a shirt with their names or favorite phrases written on a bright color.


As the king of the youth of that era, Will Smith made trendy several things in the 90s, including the Mismatched colored shoes. He would appear wearing opposite colors of the same shoe (mostly Jordans) and young men would often be seen matching that style on the streets, too, a style that people wouldn't be afraid to copy now.

Another interesting trend that should be brought back is the cut-down high-top shoes, which basically consisted of getting high tops Vans, cutting them down, and applying electrical tape to the "wound." It gave the footwear a tough and stylish touch that was praised by many.


Even though several people saw it as sacrilegious and disrespectful, the African-inspired medallions that people wore during the 90s was a way to strengthen the community. A similar gear would give a twist to what black people are used to wearing nowadays.

Hip-Hop-inspired cartoon shirts were also a common thing to see. People could wear shirts with images showing anything from a black Bart Simpson to Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil in the clothes that rappers from that decade wore on a daily basis.


The 90s also brought the trend of wearing crush velvet. Several women would be photographed in events or even walking on the street wearing that popular fabric in their clothes.

One of the most interesting trends back in the 90s was the flip-up sunglasses. The fact that made them so cool was that the dark lenses could be flipped up anytime, so removing them when getting in dark places wasn’t necessary.


Dr. Martens shoes were often worn with flannels and ripped denim shorts or blue jeans, and people used to look as cool as it could get. At the moment, wearing flannels and ripped blue jeans is trendy, so it is definitely the best moment for that footwear to come back.

Finally, the hooded flannels were a thing within the street and skate culture. By bringing back this style, the most essential piece of clothing that young people were would be given a wonderful and retro twist.

The ideas and designs are right there. All that is left to do is wait for someone famous to wear them and make an impact on society so that people bring them back.

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