LL Cool J and wife rock identical outfits in picture celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary

LL Cool J and his wife recently celebrated their 23rd year anniversary and showcased how in sync they are wearing identical outfits. The rapper’s “Candy Girl” used the lyrics of the song her husband dedicated to her to caption the photo she used to mark the occasion.

23 years is a pretty long time to be married in Hollywood but rapper LL Cool J and jewelry designer Simone Smith doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, they still enjoy doing things together, even dressing in identical outfits. 

LL and Simone were teenagers when they met in the early 80’s after a friend set them up. They married in1995 and share four children and a grandson together. Their happy union had its share of heartaches.  In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with bone cancer after she discovered a lump on her leg. Though it was a trying time for them, the experience led them even closer to each other. 

During an interview with Oprah, LL shared how he supported his wife throughout the ordeal.

“You don’t abandon someone in that foxhole, you know. You got to be there in that foxhole with them. So I made some decisions professionally and decided to be by Simone’s side during that period.”

Having weathered that storm, the couple are now happily celebrating their 23rdanniversary. They displayed a united front in a photo Simone shared to commemorate their years of being together. They wore matching clothes, a colorful ensemble of printed pants and top as they posed for a photo. The snap shared by Simone was captioned, 

“Happy 23 Baby!!! I’ll be your Candy Girl Forever! [purple heatrt emojis] #myfavoritesong #black love #loveis #godisgreat #1987”

Simone didn’t only become the center of LL’s life, but his music too. In 1998, the rapper dedicated a song, “Candy” for his wife.  The song still remains to be Simone’s favorite as she revealed in her caption’s hashtag. As part of her caption, she also wrote the lyrics of the song which she holds close to her heart. 

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Happy 23 Baby!!! I’ll be your Candy Girl Forever 💜💜 #Myfavoritesong #blacklove #loveis #godisgreat #1987 ————————————————————— [Verse:2 LL Cool J] While you sucked caramel apple lollipops Rain sleet or snow I'm troopin' up the murdock We used to walk down the block hold hands I would get you after school 'cause I was your man And any guys that want to socialize Just know that I'm a flip on any cat that tries My peeps used to say I was whipped All your girls said since you got with him you flipped But uh they couldn't feel the feelings we felt Mirrors on the ceiling we melt I would look up at ya I remember The afternoon you surrendered We made love the temperature was high as could be You said "Todd promise you ain't lyin' to me" And as we went our separate ways you turned back Smiled, I remember all that ————————————————————— [Chorus: Ralph Tresvant & Ricky Bell] You will always be my candy One day we will start a family You will always be my candy girl (You'll be my candy girl forever) You will always be my candy Want your love girl, understand me You will always be my candy girl Candy girl You are my world Look so sweet You're a special treat Candy girl All I want to say I need your love Each and every day

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LL was just 19 when he was driving down the block in his mother’s car. He saw a friend along the way who asked if he wanted to meet his cousin. Hesitating at first, LL later caught sight of his friend’s cousin, Simone. He immediately said, “Oh yeah, I’ll meet your cousin.”

We all know what happened after that.

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