Magic Johnson's grandkids flash big smiles in photos with their parents in matching outfits

Magic and Cookie Johnson’s grandchildren, Avery and Gigi, look radiant as they shared a fun-filled afternoon with their parents at a baseball game.

Magic Jonhson’s eldest son, Andre, is a 37-year-old businessman and father. He is married to Lisa Meyers, and they share daughter Gigi and son Avery. Most people don’t know Andre’s family because unlike his siblings, E.J and Lisa, he finds life out of the spotlight easier.

In recent photos shared to Andre and Lisa’s Instagram accounts, the happy family is rocking matching outfits with the logo of their favorite baseball team, the Dodgers.

They attended the Dodgers vs. Brewers game on August 1 at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

To entertain the kids while they waited for the game to start, Lisa took pics and recorded several videos with her adorable son using funny filters. Avery took the opportunity to show off his Fortnite necklace, but Gigi was not so happy about her mom documenting everything.

The girl took Lisa’s phone away after she realized she and her dad were being sneakily recorded. The mom of two captioned the pic:

“Dodgers Game #familyfun #takemeouttotheballgame #dodgers #itfdb”

Andre also shared another photo of the big screen at the stadium remembering a time where he and his son were shown to the entire audience. It seems like going to the Dodgers’ game is a usual activity for the family.

Cookie and Magic, on the other hand, always try to attend the important events to support Andre or their grandkids on special occasions. Just a few weeks ago, the couple visited the inauguration of the "Jurassic World Experience," a virtual reality attraction designed by Andre and his team.

Cookie shared a photo from the encounter on Instagram and captioned it: 

“So proud of you Dre @johnsonboywonder81 what you & your team have created is outstanding! The Jurassic World VR Expedition was an incredible experience, available for all at your local D&B #ProudMom #FamilyIsEverything.”

Speaking to the Grand Magazine about being a grandmother, Cookie said:

“When you’re a grandparent and still work, it’s tough. We go to soccer and all their school events because they are close to us. And we take a Spring Break trip with them and their parents. We were really excited to be grandparents – the house had gotten quiet!”

Now that their kids, E.J, Elisa, and Andre are all grown-up, Cookie and Magic get a sense of relief as parents by watching their grandkids grow up and become beautiful individuals.

“Watching these little people discover the world is wonderful. There is so much innocence in the world again. As grandparents, we get to enjoy the best parts of that!”

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