Professional wrestling star tragically dies after falling and hitting his head

Jim Neidhart, more commonly known by wrestling fans as 'The Anvil,' has recently passed away at the age of 63.

The former wrestler, the father of current WWE Superstar Natalya, drew his last breath on Monday, August 13, 2018, after falling at home and hitting his head.

The news of his passing was shared by his former in-ring rival B. Brian Blair through his Twitter account, and it was later confirmed by World Wrestling Entertainment as well.

Neidhart achieved great success as half of the two-time WWF Tag Team champion Hart Foundation in the late 80s, where he fought alongside Bret Hart, his real-life brother-in-law.

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The Tampa, Florida, native married Hart's sister, Ellie, back in 1979, with whom he had three daughters that have now survived him. 

Unlike many other legends of the past, Neidhart is not a part of the WWE Hall of Fame and he hasn't been featured in any particularly meaningful storylines in years.

He did, however, have a recurring role alongside Natalya on Total Divas, the famous E! reality show. After the end of his wrestling career, he faced some of his demons, such as drug abuse, which led him to multiple rehab trips.


Neidhart used to play football and track & field before being given a brief opportunity in the NFL. He then underwent intense training at Calgary basement, also known as The Hart Dungeon, under the supervision of Stu Hart.

The late 63-year-old became a crucial figure of the Hart Foundation, mostly due to his ability to play the role of heel, thanks to his trademarked evil laugh and goatee.

Throughout the 90s, Neidhart spent most of his time as a singles athlete and appeared in several other wrestling organizations, such as WCW, ECW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


He returned to WWF in 1994 under the name of Who, a masked wrestler, but the gig didn't last more than three years. In 1997, he revived The Anvil and joined the New Hart Foundation, helping them in their feud against 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

He was shortly released after that, and his last performance inside a WWE ring was in 2007 when he competed in a Battle Royal Match during an episode of Raw.

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