Mother who forgot baby in hot car shares her grief after his death

A 6-month-old baby lost his life after being locked in a car for five hours on a hot day. No charges have yet been filed. 

As reported by WTVR, the 33-year-old grief-stricken mother, Blondia Curry, dropped her other children off at family members before going to work on Friday. 

Childcare plans for the baby, Dameer, had fallen through and he was asleep in the car. She forgot he was there when she parked the vehicle outside her work. 

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She only heard Dameer's cries when she was on a break from work at approximately 9 pm. Dameer had been locked in the vehicle since 4 pm that afternoon. 

Emergency responders tried to revive the baby and rushed him to the hospital where he passed away later that evening. 

Curry worked at Domino's Pizza on Market Drive in Emporia and had another job at a local school as well. 

Curry explained that her 10-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes and she was scared of losing her. 

Worrying about her daughter, combined with being overworked, had been "a lot on [her.]" Curry gave her full cooperation to the investigating officers. 

Curry said she would "do everything for [her] kids" and worked long shifts to be able to provide for them. The distraught mother said

"If I could give my baby the breath out of my body, I would."

Earlier this year, a toddler from Newton Abbot was locked in a hot vehicle and screaming in discomfort when his cries attracted the attention of a Tesco customer. 

In another case, a sheriff from Howell Township smashed a car's window with a sledgehammer to save a 4-month-old girl whose body temperature had risen to above 100 degrees. 

According to Kids And Cars, the temperature in a locked vehicle in the sun can vary from 116 to 157 degrees Fahrenheit when it's 100 degrees outside. 

On average, approximately 37 kids and toddlers locked in parked vehicles pass away from hyperthermia or heat stroke. 

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