Taco Bell employee goes out of his way to help confused and lost customer

A fast-food restaurant employee helps a man with his special language skills

Caleb Francis is 18 years old, and he has been working at Taco Bell fast food restaurant since he finished high school.

Caleb never imagined that an elective course he chose two years ago would change his life.

The young man didn't want to take classes in art or ceramics, and languages like French and Spanish didn't attract him. Caleb chose sign language and discovered that he had an aptitude for it.  

A video posted on Youtube of Caleb using sign language to help a deaf customer has gone viral.

“People say, ‘Oh you probably made his day like so much easier,’ and all that stuff, but what people don’t understand is it’s just exciting for me to get to sign to people as it is for anybody else.”

Caleb Francis, Newsner, 29th of July 2016

Speaking with kind hands.

Caleb was working at the counter at Taco Bell when a customer approached him, obviously distressed and confused.

As the man tried to communicate with him. Caleb realized the man was deaf. Reaching for the skills learned at school, he started to sign to the customer.

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Source: Screenshot

Source: Screenshot

A customer filmed the incident

Caleb signed a greeting and asked the customer how he could help him. The man responded and gave Caleb his order.

The other customers waiting in line were astounded to see the skilled and fluent way Caleb signed to the man, and one of them caught the incident on camera.

The customer posted the video online and it was immediately being shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook.

Caleb became a celebrity

Before long, the video was exploding the Internet and garnered over 11 million views.

Caleb became a local celebrity when people started recognizing him on the street and stopped to greet and congratulate him. His boss at Taco Bell was delighted, and more deaf customers have been to the restaurant especially to be attended to by Caleb.

Ever modest, Caleb won't take credit for his kind act but insists that signing is a thrill for him, and he takes every opportunity to use his skill.

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