Girl goes to hospital for intense pain and when they cut her pants off, father hears a baby cry

A teenage girl was screaming in pain, but when the doctor removes her pants, he does not believe what his eyes see.

The case of Amber is really incredible, she is a teenager who came to the emergency room of the hospital in her city, suffering from severe stomach pains, but ended up being something that nobody expected. 

The doctors who attended her had to cut her pants with scissors because the girl was going to give birth, much to everyone's surprise, but more to her, who did not know that she was pregnant.

Kathleen Clem, the emergency physician who attended her, was extremely impressed by the scene she was observing, she had never had to go through a similar case.

At that moment his father entered and his daughter was already carrying her baby, who was a girl and despite the null care, she had been born with completely healthy. Follow us on Twitter to learn more.

Source: / Discovery Lite

Source: / Discovery Lite

The man could not believe what was happening, he had taken his daughter to suffer stomach pains and now he was a grandfather. "Why did not you tell us anything?" He complained to his daughter, who said she was not pregnant.

The boyfriend of the girl had no idea what was happening and was tremendously worried and very confused.

Source: / Discovery Lite

Source: / Discovery Lite

But Kathleen questioned him about his inconceivable ignorance about his girlfriend pregnancy, but the response of this ignorant boy is something that it simply can not be understood.

The boy didn't understand how it was possible that Amber was pregnant since he assures that "they had always done it on their feet, it is impossible to get pregnant like that". After listening to the boy, the doctor was absolutely shocked.

The boy says that his brother had taught him this, but it was incredible that he had not had any other one to talk to and confirm this information.

The doctor had to teach him at that time the most basic of sexuality since this boy knew absolutely nothing. A story that is totally real, and shows us that disinformation causes terrible problems. 

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