'Pioneer Woman' finally refutes rumors about leaving the food network

Ree Drummond, also known as the "Pioneer Woman" for the past seven years, discussed rumors about her departure from the Food Network. 

In a recent blog post on her website, Drummond referred to it as "wacky rumor" and said she has no plans to leave the Food Network to sell facial creams. 

She also asked her fans not to buy the face cream. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. 

"The source of the rumor is an unscrupulous company trying to trick people into buying [...] facial cream. I have nothing to do with this facial cream (please don’t buy it!)"

Drummond assured her fans that she will still provide her best when it comes to recipes, cookbooks and "Basset Hound cookie cars," but face cream isn't her forte. 

"You want facial cream? Head to Walmart, Ulta, Sephora, or a department store. Don’t head to Pioneer Woman. I get my facial cream at [...] department stores!"

Fans can look forward to a "great fall on [her] Food Network Show," and Drummond explained that they'd release a new episode every weekend. 

She loves experimenting with new recipes for the upcoming autumn shows and hopes her fans will enjoy the projects too. 

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This isn't so much a selfie as an outfit selfie, so I hope my teenagers don't look at it as a violation of the one-mom-selfie-per-month rule. And anyway, I gave them life, so they should be okay with it. I'm not trying to pose flirtatiously with my hand delicately resting in my hair. My bangs will not stay out of my face today because of a curling iron mishap, and I was just holding them out of the way. Also, my little toe is splurging out the side of my otherwise-cute shoes, which really hurts my feelings. In other news, I have been eating low carb for a couple of months, but there's still plenty of calamity and chaos going on under my blousy top, which is why I have an undying loyalty to blousy tops. And this is my favorite color of red. It's like a cherry and a watermelon had a baby. Thank you for listening.

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She is ready to face the future head-on, and fans will recall that Drummond lost her mother-in-law earlier this year to cancer. She was 74 years old. 

Drummond said on Instagram that her husband's mom was her "Nan," her mother-in-law, and her friend. She wrote: 

"I'm not sure any of us know quite what we're going to do without her. She was magnificent."

Back in March, Drummond also opened up about her marriage to Ladd Drummond. They tied the knot back in 1996. 

She told viewers about a family trip they took to Colorado and explained that she cherished every opportunity to spend with Ladd due to his work taking precedence. 

“So when we’re there together, I savor it.” 

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