Mexican restaurant employee throws plates at customer in viral video

Mexican restaurant employee gets the nightmare of her life as she is faced with the customers who completely lose it. 

Last September 8, a video was uploaded on Facebook that went viral, and it's totally understandable why. The video showed what seemed to be a heated argument at a Mexican restaurant called "Chacos" in San Antonio, Texas, between a female employee and three customers. Customers stopped, starred, and enjoyed the show while the restaurant staff all tried to put a halt to the chaos. 

The video was posted by Facebook user named Mikayla Hartfield and tagged the almost 2 minute clip as “Dinner and a shot at chacos!!” 

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The video didn't include how the fight began but showed a bright pink haired woman losing it and shouting at the kitchen employees. This only led to one of the employees frantically shoving a tray to the rude customer, and the customer returning the favor by violently pushing the other food trays towards every direction. 

As seen in the footage, other staff members had to interfere with the situation so it would not escalate but had a difficult time controlling the customer, even as she was being escorted out of the restaurant.

Hartfield disclosed to KSAT that the police arrived only when the situation was calm and the parties involved already left. She also mentioned that the brawl was probably a result of the food taking too long. However, is this really a reason to get violent? Maybe there could be more to the story that we don’t know. 

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Comments regarding the Mexican brawl showed that this was not the first case of chaos between employees and customers at Chaco’s. Facebook user Carolina Arreaga even commented:

“The staff needs to be trained as to how to deal with upset customers.”

From this, it can probably be said that the fight was caused by both parties. 

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