Man wakes up a brown bear napping under his deck

A man made a rather unpleasant discovery under the deck in his own backyard, and things very nearly turned nasty. 

When he went outside, he realized there was something taking a nap under the deck. When he went to investigate, he discovered the creature under the deck was a massive brown bear who had decided the wooden deck created a perfect shelter. 

Unfortunately for the bear, the homeowner wasn't exactly welcoming to the unexpected guest. 

The man took his camera out to record the encounter, which showed the bear was clearly agitated by the disturbance during nap time. 

At one point, the bear even takes a swipe at the man, who quickly retreats back a step to get out of the way of the enormous paw aimed at his head. 

“He does not like my camera,” he can be heard saying in the background. 

Eventually, the man comes up with another solution to get rid of the bear. Back up onto the deck he goes, and loudly stomps around on the wooden slats to disturb the bear enough to leave. 

The bear has to awkwardly climb over some other rubbish in the garden in order to get away from the man, who follows him around the corner with the camera. 

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