Carrie Underwood and Kenny Rogers impress Dolly Parton with their incredible duet

Not long after winning American Idol, Carrie Underwood secured her role as a country music star when she took the place of the legendary Dolly Parton in a classic duet with Kenny Rogers.

The remarkable performance by Underwood and Rogers took place in 2006 as part of that year’s Kennedy Center Honors to pay homage to Parton, one of the honorees, as Classic Country Music reported.

The organizers planned the tribute performance in a way that would surprise the “Jolene” singer, by saving the most emotional feature for the latter part of the chosen tune, “Island in The Stream.”

The song was originally part of Rogers 1983 album “Eyes That See in the Dark,” and it was recorded as a duo with Parton. The hit song went on to be considered the greatest country duet of all time. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

When Underwood took the stage she was by herself and she started singing the female part. Parton was visibly impressed by Underwood’s powerful voice, and she clapped her hands in approval.

But the best was saved for the second part of the surprise, when Rogers joined Underwood mid-song to the delight of her touched longtime friend who was overjoyed as the two blew kisses in her direction.

The song was written by the Bee Gees, who imagined it as an R&B track for the voice of Marvin Gaye. Instead, it became an instant country classic in the voices of Rogers and Parton.

More recently Parton goddaughter Miley Cyrus reprised the song in an hilarious way, by recreating the original Grammy performance, with comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon, with the two impersonating Parton and Rogers, complete with the outfits, wigs and fake beard and mustache.

Parton is equally famous for her musical achievements and her over the top glamorous signature look. She admits that her persona is a carefully constructed image, and she doesn’t hide the fact that much about her is artificial.

The singer is so committed to her carefully crafted public image that she claimed that nobody had ever seen her without heavy makeup and bombastic wigs, as she doesn’t want to disappoint her loyal fans by failing to meet her own standards.

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