Divorced mom takes kids on vacation when suddenly son sees dad walking toward them

Laura Dee wanted to do something for her children and the perfect opportunity presented itself when the family went on vacation. 

Her 11-year-old daughter Darcie and nine-year-old son Callum haven't been on vacation with their estranged father in years as Laura and her husband divorced back in 2010. 

It was an adjustment for the then 3-year-old Darcie and 1-year-old Callum but they eventually adapted and grew accustomed to going on separate vacations with their parents.

Laura and her children had all their bags packed and she began recording as they were navigating their way through the busy airport. Callum eventually took charge and lead the group through the crowd of people but a surprise was waiting for him up ahead. 

A familiar face emerged from the crowd and Callum was visibly surprised when he recognized his father! He gave him a hug, but one could see from his expression that the pre-teen thought that meeting his father at the airport was just a chance encounter.  

It was only after their mother explained that their dad will be joining them on vacation that both children broke down crying and hugged their father tightly. They probably thought they would never go on vacation again with both mom and dad at the same time. 

But before we show you the heartwarming footing, here is another reunion story, with a happy ending too! A two-year-old girl miraculously remembered her father, despite the soldier being away on a 175-day-long deployment.  

Sargeant Brenden Taylor's daughter was born nine months before he had to leave for a mission and both Taylor and his wife Amanda assumed that the baby wouldn't recognize her father when he returned. Amanda was still expecting a heartwarming reunion and arranged with a photographer to capture the special moment. 

And just as well! When Taylor daughter, now two and a half years old, saw the bus pull up, she shouted: "Daddy, get off the bus!" As Taylor walked towards his family, his young daughter let go of her mother's hand and ran straight into his arms! See the beautiful reunion below. 

Here are both videos. Which one do you like most?



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