Family finds the last words of a firefighter who tragically died in a serious accident

Oct 26, 2018
07:35 A.M.
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A heartfelt letter was written by a firefighter who passed away risking his life to save others while on duty.

Lieutenant Brad Clark was a Hanover County Fire and EMS member in Virginia. He tragically died after reporting to a crash incident at the time when Tropical Storm Michael was ravaging the area.

Doing his job, Lt. Clark risked his life every day, which is why thousands of people went to his funeral to pay their respects.

During the memorial service, his brother, Jonathan Clark, read a letter that the firefighter had written way back in case he was killed while on duty.


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As Jonathan read the letter in front of the people attending the service, he said, "I've lost my celebrity death match against the Grim Reaper. Not the reason I would choose for all the people dear in my life to get together, but we'll make the best of it.”

As Jonathan read on, mourners were able to get a sense of Lt. Clark’s happy personality and humor.


"I shared a lot of laughs with you all. I love to make people smile, so I'm sure you know I spend a lot of my life trying to make you all show your teeth," read Jonathan.

In the letter, Lt. Clark also acknowledged his unconditional love for his fellow firefighters. He expressed that their bond was very special.

"Wolfpack forever! The brotherhood means so much to me, and I love every one of you. Thank you for sharing this amazing job with me, and I ask you to watch over my family in the coming days, weeks, and months.”


The late firefighter then talked about his family and how they are his source of strength, happiness, support, and inspiration.

He also shared his deepest love for his wife and encouraged his daughters to look for the kind of happiness that he and their mother had. Lt. Clark told his daughters to never settle for anything less than they deserve.


"Work hard, don't give up, fight for what you want and believe in and never let the opinions of others scare you from what your heart says," Lt. Clark wrote, addressing his daughters. 

Finally, Jonathan read, "Now, I'm a free spirit, flying high and striving to watch over each of you.”

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a gas explosion cost the life of another firefighter.

Four of his colleagues were also hospitalized and a police officer was injured, as well as seven civilians.