Three white women repeatedly call police on Black man while he was constructing community garden

Mary Scott
Mar 07, 2019
06:54 A.M.
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One black man in Detroit almost had his life ruined after three white women repeatedly made calls to the police, accusing him of various crimes, including pedophilia.


Marc Peeples’ only crime was “gardening while Black.” Peeples was building a community garden to beautify the environment when he was targeted and continuously harassed by three white women.




Deborah Nash, Jennifer Morris, and Martha Callahan are Peeples’ neighbors who weren’t pleased with his project. The community garden Peeples was tending happened to be across Nash’s street, and the others lived nearby.

Metro Times reports that throughout 2017 and early 2018, the women called police dozens of times to make increasingly severe accusations against the man.





The devious women first called the police to accuse Peeples of illegal gardening, but when the cops refused to respond to those claims, they came up with even more serious allegations.

Nash first alleged that Peeples threatened her, saying: "As soon as I say the word, you will be out of that house, and I am going to take it." She also claimed he told her white people were not allowed in the mostly black neighborhood.

Those were followed by claims that Peeples was vandalizing homes, threatened to burn down her house and kill her, took part in a drive-by shooting on her home, and denied her access to her house.


Earlier this year, Nash also looked out for when Peeples was working on the garden and called the police to say he had a gun. The cops responded to her call only to meet Peeples raking leaves. Metro Times obtained bodycam footage that showed the officers saying:

"Ain't no law against raking leaves. …The guy didn't have anything on him and wasn't wanted for anything. They went to the end of the deal with this B.S., too."

Seeing that they had still not succeeded in implicating Peeples, Nash and the other women waited until a couple of children joined him in work and called the cops, telling them Peeples was a pedophile who wasn't supposed to be around children.


"We feel that it is unsafe for him to be near us or around our houses," Nash wrote in documents that were part of an April request for a personal protection order that would be denied.





Eventually, Peeples was charged with three counts of stalking, and it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that District Court Judge E. Lynise Bryant threw the case out.

After discovering that the three women merely made up stories about Peeples and initiated all contact with him, Bryant deemed the case a “waste of the court’s time and resources.” She also referred to it as “troubling” and “ridiculous.”

The Judge added:

"[The three white women] should be sitting at the defendant's table for stalking and harassment charges, not Mr. Peeples. …I found their testimony to be offensive."


An aggrieved Peeples described the incident as “blatant racism” and said, “they didn't like the fact that a black man was in so-called 'their' neighborhood without their permission.”





Although he won the case, Peeples said the women ruined his life. Apart from paying $3,500 to be released on bond, he also had to settle Attorney fees, he lost a couple of work contracts, and his reputation was dragged through the mud. A friend had to set up a GoFundMe page to help him offset some of the expenses.

Even more saddening is the fact that an innocent man could have gone to jail because three women did not like him. Peeples said:

"If someone believed their story and I was found guilty, I would be in county jail doing up to a year just because they don't want ... a black person in their area. They get to ruin my life, say anything they want, and then they get to go on with their lives."


Sadly, Peeples is only one out of many African-Americans in the U.S who have had the cops called on them for merely going about their daily lives.


Earlier this month in Georgia, Corey Lewis, a black man babysitting two white kids, got a rude shock when a white woman called the cops on him.


Lewis said the woman drove up alongside his vehicle to ask the brother and sister in the back of his car if they were okay.

After he refused to let her speak to the kids, the white woman followed his car all the way home where Lewis was met by the cops she called.

The parents of the white children said they could not fathom why the sight of a black male babysitting two white kids should be a cause for alarm.

"It doesn't make sense in light of what happened. They weren't crying, they weren't distressed," the mother told NBC. She added:

"There was only one thing that she saw that was out of place and that was kids of a different race than the person they were with. That's not a concern for the kids. That's racial profiling."



A white woman, who has now been tagged “Barbecue Becky” also reported a black family to the police because they were having a barbecue. Her claim: they were using a charcoal grill in a non-charcoal area.


Similarly, a 34-year-old black student at Yale, Lolade Siyonbola, fell asleep in the university’s Hall of Graduate Studies while writing a paper.

Next thing she knew, a white woman was taking her pictures and threatening to call the police on Siyonbola for sleeping in what she called “my room.”

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