Divine intervention' leads man to save dying baby's life

Junie Sihlangu
Nov 10, 2018
04:45 A.M.
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One day in October, Carlos Rodriguez had taken the week off from work because his family was in town. For some reason, they’d been arriving late at home because there was traffic on the way to dropping the children off at school.


That meant by 9:30 a.m., Rodriguez was at home when he normally wouldn’t have been. His neighbor suddenly came knocking at his front door with a limp baby in her arms.

Carlos Rodriguez confessed:

“We were supposed to be gone by 9 in the morning. Little by little, things happened.”

Rodriguez had never met the neighbor who came knocking as she had just moved in a few days ago. His doorbell video caught footage of the woman leaving her home, screaming “someone help me.”


For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. She was seen rushing down the street to Rodriguez’s home where she knocked and simply said “water” when he answered.

At the time, Rodriguez wasn’t CPR certified but he had periodically watched YouTube videos and read up on CPR after the birth of his first child. He tasked his brother-in-law with calling 911.


Rodriguez took the 13-month-old child, said a silent prayer and carried the baby into his home. He only noticed later that he’d placed the baby at the foot of a portrait of Jesus Christ.

Talking about the incident, Rodriguez said, “God definitely had a big part in this.” After a minute of doing CPR on the child, he started breathing.


Another minute later and the child opened his eyes and within two minutes the ambulance had arrived. Rodriguez admitted, “As soon as he took his first breath, I knew that it was going to be OK.”

The following day, the little boy was released from the hospital and his family returned to thank Rodriguez. Later on, Rodriguez asked the mother why she’d chosen to come to his house, "and she said that God guided her here."


After the incident, Rodriguez was unable to give his young children baths. His family started bathing the children in a shower so the bathtub wouldn’t fill.

He started withdrawing from his family members and he was plagued with the sights and sounds of that morning. Rodriguez confessed, “As soon as I couldn’t play soccer I knew something was wrong.”


He started having flashbacks, depression, and anxiety. When he told his family, they advised him to get help for his post-traumatic stress disorder.

With the help of a counselor, he started getting better. He admitted, “I couldn’t stop thinking about that. That’s all I thought about all day, every day.”


A month since the incident, Rodriguez has become CPR certified and he’s also urged others to do the same. Since he started promoting the classes, others have reached out to him to share they’ve gotten certified.

In another story where divine intervention played a big role, Forsyth County Magistrate Judge Phil Bettis became a hero when he saved a child.  Forsyth County deputies were out searching for a 2-year-old who had been missing for nearly 30 minutes along Campground Road.


Bettis accidentally received a reverse 911 call about the child and he realized he knew exactly where to look: in the pool at his late mother's home. The judge said:

"I think that was a godly intervention to take care of that child. I went straight to the pool.”

When he got to the pool, the child was floating spread-eagle with his diaper and a shirt on. Bettis saved the little boy and his mother was jailed for cruelty to children and reckless conduct.