Elderly woman, 70, dies in 'frozen' council home with broken heating

A 70-year-old grandmother passed away from hypothermia after the council failed to repair her central heating. 

Susan Baines' body was found with a core temperature of 29.5 degrees in her Kent home. People are at risk of developing hypothermia at 35 degrees, and she was below that. 

She passed away from organ failure soon after paramedics found her. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. 

Baines was hospitalized with hypothermia in 2015 as well, as her home didn't have a working radiator and the council delayed repairs since July 2017. 

Due to that, Baines had to live without heating during the coldest winter months. She couldn't even climb the stairs to the second story of her home, her son told reporters. 

He said: "In about October when it started getting cold, housing officers gave her two little fan heaters. We're talking about the little cheap, tenner ones - they weren't enough to make the house properly warm."

Even though her cause of death wasn't officially listed as hypothermia, her son believes it was the "last straw that broke the camel's back."

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Even though an inquest for her death was not held, the EKH is investigating the claim of her home's heating situation. They explained: 

"We were notified by Mrs. Baines' family of her passing and took the decision to place all work on hold allowing the family time to address their affairs and resolve their housing needs."

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

But their concern is a little too late for her son, who said there's nothing in the world that can bring his "poor mum back."

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

He still hopes that they find answers because "there are other people out there suffering, and by discussing this it could stop what happened to my mum happening to somebody else."

In another shocking case, an 86-year-old woman from Ascot Vale passed away after being dragged along the road by a taxi. 

Authorities are investigating the incident and have questioned the taxi driver. No charges have been made as yet. 

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