The Cosby Show's Keshia K. Pulliam melts hearts with new photo of daughter in cute coat & scarf

Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, known as Rudy Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” took to Instagram to share a photo of her daughter, Ella Grace, wrapped in winter clothes.

In the image, the almost-two-year-old girl appeared sitting on her stroller wearing black shoes, black leggings, a thick grey jacket, and white gloves while a scarf was covering her neck, mouth, and head, leaving only her nose, eyes, and forehead visible.

The best aspect of the pic was Ella’s face as she was looking at the camera with a surprised gesture. Keshia identified it and wrote in the caption “Seriously Ma?!?” followed by “All this personality in such a little package.”

As soon as the actress uploaded that photo, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Most of them pointed out that Ella looked “so much like mommy,” while others praised how adorable she was.

It was not the first time that Ella appeared in her mother’s Instagram's feed as Keshia uploaded another one wherein the mommy-daughter duo was captured mid-cuddle, and the little tot melted hearts with her ruffled thick brown hair and her almond-shaped dark eyes.


Keshia, 39, married to Ed Hartwell on January 2016, and she gave birth to their daughter a year later. However, just days after she announced her pregnancy, Ed filed for divorce alleging that he believed the child was not his.

From that moment, the former couple started a nasty divorce and custody battle. Ed accused the actress of cheating on him when he had been the unfaithful one in their relationship.

Keshia revealed that she was willing to give him a second chance for the sake of their family. Unfortunately, things got very bitter as they accused each other of domestic violence, drug use, and more.


In March 2018, the judge ruled in favor of Keshia and awarded her with the full custody of Ella. The divorce also reached its end after more than a year. Ed got visitation rights and was ordered to pay $3,007 per month in child support.

Keshia didn’t want their daughter to carry her father’s surname at first, considering that he didn’t even believe she was his daughter in the beginning. However, the exes settled on giving Elle the surname “Pulliam-Hartwell.”

At the moment, Keshia is focused on taking care of her daughter in the best possible way without leaving behind her acting career.

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