Meghan McCain poses in a photo with Joy Behar whom she tried to shut up on 'The View'

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar seem to have buried the hatchet since they posed together for a nice Christmas photo on the show.

The two "The View" co-hosts were believed to be at war since the major argument they had while on the air but the whole situation seems to be water under the bridge.

As can be seen in the photo shared by McCain on her Instagram page, the two had white and bright smiles on their faces as they looked into the camera.

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The two were wearing rather festive outfits with headpieces included, but even more surprising than the smiles and the Christmas ensembles was the co-hosts proximity to one another.

Seeing McCain with her arm around Behar after their huge fight may be confusing but it has been reported that the two quickly forgot about it and the argument was just something that was bound to happen in a show like "The View."


Their fight revolved around the late George H. W. Bush, who recently passed away on November 30, at the age of 94, and currently President of the U.S. Donald Trump.

During the show, Behar started praising Bush for his environmental efforts while in office but quickly moved on to Trump and how he was destroying what Bush and Barack Obama tried to accomplish.

McCain immediately stepped in, arguing that they should focus their attention on the death of the 41st President instead of talking about Trump, adding that she wasn't interested in her 'one-issue voter.'


Behar didn't like McCain's tone and replied with: "I don't care what you're interested in. I'm talking! Damn it.' That was around the same time that Whoopi Goldberg asked the cameras to turn to commercial.

The moment quickly ended up on the internet but despite the heated moment between the two, seems that there are no hard feelings between McCain and Behar.

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