Woman shares how her 'perfect husband' turned out to have another wife and 13 kids

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 18, 2018
07:59 P.M.
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Mary Turner Thompson thought she had the perfect marriage until she discovered that her husband had another wife and 13 children from other women.


Her husband, William Allen Jordan, fathered 13 children with six women and had another wife throughout their six-year relationship, as reported by the Sunday Post.

Mary, 53, who shares two children with William, recalled how she met him.

“I met William online when I was a single mum with a nine-month old baby,” she said. “He was very charming, and we sent emails back and forth before meeting up about two weeks later.”


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Within two weeks of dating, William proposed to her. She said no at first, but they eventually became engaged.


“After six months of being together, I fell pregnant, which was a huge surprise because he told me he was infertile after having mumps as a child. I thought he was going to think I’d had an affair because he was so utterly convinced he couldn’t have kids,” she said.


They were married for four years, during which he lied about being a CIA agent. He would secretly meet his other women and families on the pretense that he was away on a mission.

Later, he lied that there were people who threatened to kidnap their children. She sold her house, car, life insurance, and other valuables to pay off what he said were blackmailers.


Mary uncovered his lies in April 2006 after she received a call from a woman who claimed to be his other wife. They met up and talked for 12 hours. Afterward, Mary dumped William via text.


“He tried for months to persuade me, but there was nothing he could say that would ever suck me back in again,” she said.

Later, William was arrested on bigamy, illegally possessing a stun gun, and other charges. He was released after two and a half years. And then he started his scheme again - victimizing more women he met online.

Mary documented her experience in her book, “The Bigamist: The True Story Of A Husband’s Ultimate Betrayal.”



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