The police interrupted the dance flashmob using entertainment method

Two police officers took a break off work in the hilarious way ever. The video of their stunt, found below, has since gone viral.

Two cops attached to a mall in the city of Aventura, United States, became internet sensations after they epically deceived shoppers.

Posted on December 17, a YouTube video of the incident shows a group of about twenty young people in the open ground of the mall. The group is entertaining a gathered crowd with synchronized dance steps that were rehearsed.

Dressed in coordinating white and red outfits, they dance to several Christmas songs, including the all-time Mariah Carey classic hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” At some point, they even formed a revolving sign of the cross.

Judging from the cheers of shoppers who had temporarily dumped their chores to be entertained, the group had a lot of fans.

So it was not very helpful when two men in blue approached the dance crew and appeared to break up their routine. Folks watching were already sad that the cops had come to put an end to the fun, but when the music comes back on, and the officers start to dance along, the crowd cheers even louder.

Unknown to the audience, the dance group had choreographed that last bit with the cops earlier and were in on the “surprise.”

The video went viral in no time with tens of thousands of views. CBS News also shared a snippet from the performance on their Twitter page with the caption:

“These police officers took a break from the job and surprised shoppers by busting a move in the middle of the mall.”

It already has over 74,000 views. You can find the YouTube video here. The CBS News snippet is attached below:


Dancing police officers have always been a favorite on the internet. In September, officers of the Pierce County Sheriff Department also went viral after a video of their dance battle with little girls from the Image Dance Studio made it to the internet.

The sight of little girls trying to look tough in oversized jackets, pants, and Timberlands as they face-off with hefty officers, is probably the hilarious thing you’ll see this year.

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