Chilling video reveals the truth about 20-year-old student who was thought to have killed herself

Martina Rossi, the 20-year-old Italian lady who apparently jumped from the sixth floor of a hotel in Mallorca, Spain, in 2011, will now find peace as police discovered she didn’t commit suicide.

The incident took place in the Sant’Ana Hotel in Palma de Mallorca on August 3, 2011. Rossi, a student from Italy, went out to a club that night and, when she came back to the hotel, she reportedly jumped from the balcony of the hotel.

It was the declaration that Spanish police provided at the time, and the case was achieved. However, seven years later, Alessandro and Luca Albertoni Vanneschi, who were in the hotel that day, were called by the police to declare.

While they were waiting to get interviewed, the CCTV cameras of the police station recorded the conversation they had in which they talked about sexually harassing Rossi.

With that piece of evidence, everything became clear for the police, that learned that Rossi did not jump from the balcony. The lady was, in fact, trying to escape from Alessandro and Luca who wanted to rape her.

The only probably way out Rossi found was moving between rooms through the balcony, but while doing it, she stepped on some wet towels that made her slip and fall.

Source: YouTube/La7

Source: YouTube/La7

When the crime was discovered, Alessandro and Luca were arrested and sentenced to six years in prison each – three for attempted sexual assault and three for Homicide as a result of another crime.

Source: YouTube/Arezzo24

Source: YouTube/Arezzo24

In a similar story, Chris Watts was arrested for the murders of his wife Shan’ann, and his daughters Bella and Celeste Watts. The bodies of the children were found in oil tanks.

When police started investigating the case, Chris said that he had killed Shan’ann in a fit of rage as he allegedly saw her while killing the girls. However, the man later pleaded guilty to the three murders, though he did it to avoid the death penalty.

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