Meghan McCain claps back at haters after wishing her late dad a Merry Christmas in tearful post

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain, clapped back at a rude comment on Twitter which criticized her for sharing her grief publicly. This was after she posted a heartfelt Christmas message for her father who passed away a few months back.

Senator John McCain died August 25th after battling brain cancer; just a few days before his 82nd birthday. As a way of remembering him, Meghan wished him a merry Christmas. 

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The blondie posted a picture of her dad on Twitter with the caption: "I love you. Merry Christmas Dad, ⁦@SenJohnMcCain⁩ - wherever you are."

Although most people were sympathetic about the tweet, someone commented “do this in private.” Meghan caught the rude and inconsiderate reply, thereby posting a lengthy response; stating that, in the coming year, she will be as vocal about her grief as possible, regardless of what anyone thinks.

Further, into the message, the media personality shouted out to all those who had lost a loved one. It is not an easy cross to bear. 

“If there’s one thing I’m doing in 2019 it’s to continue to destigmatize talking about grief, death and cancer. My father shared his life in public, I share it in death. To all of you out there missing a loved one tonight - you are not alone. I’m along side you, sending strength.” – Meghan McCain

Meghan received a lot of accolades and well wishes from those touched by her clapback; some even confirmed they were facing the same thing - having to keep their grieves locked in just to avoid being judged by others. 

Just a few days earlier, the host was poked at on Twitter after her name came out on the popular trivia game show “Jeopardy”; she excitedly tweeted about it. 

“Last night I was a question on @jeopardy!, One of the most exciting things ever – I love Jeopardy and (host) Alex Trebek!” – McCain

Some of her fans had nice things to say about her tweet, but some couldn’t help themselves; they even made fun of the fact that she was an answer and not a question. 

Even though Meghan isn't new to all these, sometimes, the comments can be quite insensitive, hence, her need to clapback.

Everyone should be allowed to express their grief however they wish to. Thanks to Meghan for this awakening.

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