Jessa Duggar compares her third as-yet-unborn child's nose with her two others from a first scan

Oyin Balogun
Feb 01, 2019
05:47 P.M.
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Jessa Duggar brims with the joys of motherhood as she took to her Instagram page to reveal the first sonogram of her third child.


The reality show star was super-excited as she showed off images from the scan in three posts which included a photo mix of scans from her two earlier births. 

“We were so excited to see #Babyseewald3! Looks like this little one will have the same nose the others swipe left to see side-by-side!” She delightfully captioned, along with a blushing emoji.


Fans in the comment section took their time to share in the joy as they filled her page with well-wishing thoughts. Negative opinions were quickly shunned as a fan commented: 

“Get her tubes tied?! What a stupid remark! She is married and can have as many as they'd like to mind your own business.” 

Jessa also couldn't hide her cheerful curiosity; she predicted that the new baby would share a similar nose shape with its older siblings. With her countenance, she can't wait for the little one to come and join the family.  


The curiosity could also be sensed earlier this year when she alongside her husband announced the conception in an interview with People.

“We are overjoyed that God has blessed us with a baby, due late this Spring! From the day we found out we were expecting, we both guessed boy, and if our predictions are right then we already have a ton the clothing and accessories ready to pass down!” 


The expecting mother had said all these while hinting at the sex of the unborn baby. 

“At the same time, we would absolutely love it if we found out we were having a girl — though we’ve joked that we’d be starting from square one and might have to learn a few things.” - Jessa

Her husband cheerfully added that the older children couldn't wait to meet their new sibling. Ben Seewald, 23, married Jessa Duggar in 2014 and they both had their first two kids in three years. The young couple expressed their love for parenting and how they’d keep up the duties in anticipation for the arrival of their third child.