Joke: Little Girl Acts out Her Mother’s Birthing Process in School

Giving birth is usually filled with shrieks of pain, panic, and overall chaos in some form or another. One little girl, however, shared her mother's birth in a most hilarious way. 

A Miami grammar-school teacher named Betsy shared the story online some years back. She said it happened in her second-grade class during a show and tell. 

Betsy said she never puts limits on kids when it comes to show-and-tells. Usually, she's never had to. They generally bring in pets, toys, or show pictures to their classmates.

Two girls play puppet show | Photo: Shutterstock

Two girls play puppet show | Photo: Shutterstock

But there was one time little Erica really changed things up. The smart and bubbly little girl showed up with a pillow placed under her sweater as she walked to the head of the class. 

She shows Betsy and her fellow classmates a picture and said: "This is my baby brother Luke. I'm here to tell you about the day he was born." 

She went on: 

"My mom and dad made Luke to represent how much they love each other. First, Dad got his seed into my mom's stomach. Luke grew up inside there. He ate through an umbrella cord for nine months." 

Show and tell classroom | Photo: Shutterstock

Show and tell classroom | Photo: Shutterstock

She continued: 

"Finally, two weeks ago, my mother began screaming: 'Oh, oh, oh!' "

With that, the little girl placed her hands on her hips and started groaning and walking around like a duck. She said, "Mom walked all over the house like this for a whole hour! 'OH, oh, oh!' " 

Erica's display was nothing short of hilarious as she continued the story: 

"My dad got the middle wife to come. She delivers kids but her car doesn't have any sign like the Domini's man. They put my mom on the bed like this." 

Girl holding bird cage in classroom | Photo: Shutterstock

Girl holding bird cage in classroom | Photo: Shutterstock

That's when Erica lay down with her back resting on the wall and her legs spread. 

She said: 

"Then I hear, pop! Mom had a whole bag of water inside her tummy in case my baby brother got thirsty, and it just splashed all over like psshhheew!" 

She used her little hands to imitate water spilling out. Betsy almost couldn't handle the crazy story. But little Erica wasn't done. 

"Then the middle wife tells my mother to push, push, and breathe, breath. They began to count but they couldn't even go past 10. Then I finally see my baby brother coming out." 

Girl sitting on pillows | Photo: Shutterstock

Girl sitting on pillows | Photo: Shutterstock

Erica said he was "covered in yucky stuff" from a play-center. "There's gotta be lots of stuff inside there." She promptly stood up and bowed low before walking off to her seat.

Now, Betsy makes sure she always has her camcorder on hand in case another little girl like Erica shows up. 

Erica had a pretty good idea of where babies come from. It's not often that parents explain these things to kids.

Newborn baby sleeping | Photo: Shutterstock

Newborn baby sleeping | Photo: Shutterstock

One father described the process to his son when they saw two dogs having sex on the street. When the son later ran into his parents having sex, he asked for a puppy. 

Another parent simply told his daughter that babies come from Amazon. And when a little girl asked Apple's Siri where babies come from, her mother almost went crazy. 

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