I adored him,' Melody Thomas Scott fights back tears while remembering co-star Kristoff St. John

"The Young and Restless" actress Melody Thomas Scott opened up about the sadness she felt after the passing of her co-star Kristoff St. John, which she is still mourning up until today. 

The actress had to fight back tears in her most recent interview about co-star Kristoff St. John earlier this week, explaining why she initially didn't allow herself to "really feel the loss" after hearing about his death. The 62-year-old actress said that she felt she had to remain firm and "stoic" because she still had episodes to film, and mourning would not allow her to be in her best shape. 

Melody Mourns Kristoff's Death 

However, during Monday's episode of "The Talk," she finally let her guard down and tearfully explained how she couldn't immediately mourn the loss of a friend. 

“I couldn’t, we still had shows to shoot, and I had to remain stoic. I said backstage, when I come out and anybody asks me, I’m going to remain stoic.”

As for what she thought about Kristoff, she had nothing but kind words to say about him. 

“I adored him. We all adored him. There was something very unique and magical about him. He would just draw you into his wonderful world. And all of his bear hugs, I can’t believe I’ll never get a bear hug."

According to Melody, the late actor was always such a pleasure to be around, and he'd be the first person she'd look for at parties. 

“Going to any kind of event, any party, the first thing I said when I got there was ‘Where’s Kristoff? I want to find Kristoff, I want to be with him, I want to be in his air space.’ Because that’s the kind of guy he was, and I think that came through on camera. I think everybody sensed that. I mean, everybody adored him.”

Like Scott, another co-worker of Kristoff St. John, Shemar Moore, mourned his death. Kristoff played Neil Winters on "The Young and The Restless," and his character was the half-brother of Shemar in the soap opera. 

Shemar Mourns Kristoff's Death 

With the bond that they shared through the TV show, the two have remained friends for years, and now Moore suffered the painful loss of a brother. He decided to reminisce about the good times they've shared, as long as the good life St. John has lived. 

According to the actor, it was Kristoff who got him comfortable on the set of their tv series. If it weren't for him, he would not have gotten comfortable with acting and the crew. 

Like what Melody said, Shemar remembers Kristoff to be one of the most pleasant people to be around. 

“[...] but Kristoff, day to day to day, he rooted for me. He didn’t have to. He didn’t have to, and many wouldn’t, but he rooted for me; he helped me; he held my hand; he said, ‘Stick with me, bruh, I’m going to show you the way and then you do what you’re doing.’"

Although it pains Shemar to say goodbye, he bid Kristoff goodbye, thanking him for how he made him who he is today. 

Kristoff's Tragic Death 

Kristoff St. John passed away on February 3, 2019, from an apparent alcohol overdose. According to his ex-wife Mia, Kristoff took his son Julian's suicide quite heavily, and this took a toll on him through the years. Their 24-year-old son was found dead at the La Casa Mental Hospital in Long Beach, California in 2014, where he was seeking help. 

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