Shaquille O'Neal & Ex Shaunie's Daughter Proves She's Inherited Her Mom's Beauty in New Pics

Amirah O’Neal, one of the daughters of NBA legend Shaq and his ex-wife Shaunie, has captivated everybody with the photos she has posted on social media.

The 17-year-old lady inherited the best of both worlds: the beauty of her mother and the basketball skills of her father. She has been playing as a junior center for Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California.

Due to her performances, Amirah has been attracting a lot of attention. In her freshman year, she scored an average of 26 points per game. However, that is not the aspect that brings us here today.


The teen is quite active on her Instagram page posting photos showing herself wearing different outfits. In the most recent pictures, Amirah looks as beautiful as her famous mother, Shaunie O’Neal.

One of them portrayed the 17-year-old girl wearing ripped black shorts and a long-sleeved, black top that showed a small section of her abdomen. Her brown, curly hair fell beautifully over her shoulders.


A different post showed Amirah wearing a black crop-top and camo shorts while posing in what seemed to be a terrace with some plants around her.

In a previous slideshow, the teen rocked a light grey top and ripped, black shorts with buildings in the background. Each photo is proof of the uncanny resemblance that Amirah and her mother have.

The 17-year-old lady inherited the best of both worlds: the beauty of her mother and the basketball skills of her father.


Recently, the O’Neal family made headlines when they got together to celebrate the inauguration of Shaq’s new restaurant called “Shaquille’s,” located in Downtown Los Angeles, very close to the Staples Center. 

While it might be surprising for some people, the Lakers legend has been involved in different activities lately, including guesting on TV shows, being a sports analyst, a DJ, and now, he opened a restaurant.


Shaq and his family were not alone in the inauguration, though, as celebrities and former colleagues like Paul Pierce, Tiffany Haddish, Rajon Rondo, Adam Sandler, and Chauncey Billups dropped by to show support.

Even though Shaunie and Shaq parted ways many years ago, the matriarch was present, too, to celebrate such a milestone. The most striking meals of the menu are two unique burgers: one is named after him and the other one after his former teammate Kobe Bryant, which is made with Kobe beef from Japan.

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