Steve Harvey Gives Brilliant Advice to Woman Wondering How to Tell Dad She’s Moving in with Her Man

TV personality Steve Harvey shared his advice with a member of the audience who wondered how to tell her father that she wanted to move in with his boyfriend.

During the “Hey Steve” segment of the “Steve TV Show,” a young lady named Deshawn stood up and explained that her father was a pastor and that he didn’t like the idea of “shacking up before marriage.”

Then, she asked Steve how she should tell the man that she wanted to rent a place with her boyfriend of four years. Looking directly at the camera, the host said: “Daddy, hi. I’m finna move in with my boyfriend and we not getting married,” [sic].


Deshawn pointed out that they would get married but “just later,” something that confused Steve even more. The lady explained that her sister once asked when she and her boyfriend would live together, and her pastor father chimed in and said, “when they get married.”

Steve admitted that he would have said the same thing.

“I mean, I’m a father. I have four daughters. I’ve told all my daughters don’t even come to me with this here foolishness. If this boy thinks enough of you to want to live with you, then let’s sign up to live together,” added the host.


He confessed that he was not trying to be “old-folky” and that he could understand that people live together, “but I just told my daughters that ain’t the way we gon’ do it,” [sic] opposing to Deshawn’s plans.

The lady tried to validate her desire saying that the rent in Los Angeles was expensive and that she only knew who her previous roommates really were when they lived together for a while.

Steve didn’t buy it, though, and said:

“So you finna tell your pastor daddy that you sleeping with this boy and y’all gon’ move in together. You just go in and tell him, ‘Dad I’m grown and this what I’m gon’ do.’ But he gon’ be hurt. You’re his princess … he did the best for you. Now you just gon’ go in there and hurt your daddy like that?” [sic].

Deshawn seemed to understand as she looked somehow embarrassed but said, “okay Steve.”


While surprising, it is not the first time that Steve shares his wisdom in a love-related topic. In 2011, he released the book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” in which he describes what men think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment.

Cover of the hit book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" | Source: Google Books

Cover of the hit book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" | Source: Google Books

Earlier this year, the man uploaded a video on his YouTube channel revealing that he wrote his book after having a “bad” conversation with one of Brady Harvey’s ex-boyfriends.

Thanks to that negative talk, her daughter realized that the man was not a good fit for her and left him. Brandy was surprised by Steve’s wisdom and told him that he should share his knowledge to help other women. “So that’s how I wrote the book,” admitted Steve. 

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