Here Are Rare Hummel Figurines That Could Be Worth a Fortune

If you're a Hummel figurine collector, then this article is for you! Everyone who advised you to grow up and throw out your collection need to take several seats, because you could be rich!

Berta Hummel, a Bavarian nun in a Franciscan convent, is the creator of the Hummel figurine and according to recent surveys, these modest works may be quite valuable now.

Sister Berta began creating these jolly figurines quite by chance. Maria Innocentis, as she became known after joining the convent, painted images of jolly children before she was spotted by the owner of a potting company.

The potter was instantly charmed by the likeness of her pictures and started producing ceramic figurines inspired by Hummel's art.

The collectible figurines were an overnight sensation in pre-World War Two Germany and the potter sold dozens of designs before production was stopped short.

After the end of the war, production started up again and the Hummel statuettes were a favorite souvenir for American GIs to bring home.

The last Hummel to be produced was in 2008, with the statue achieving collector status before that and expected to continue going up in value.

Hummels that fetched a good price at auction is the Apple Tree Boy and Girl, setting the new owner back between $10,000-15,000 for the pair.

Resale value depends on the age of the pieces, and since they are sold in pairs, the likelihood of someone always looking for one half of a broken set is quite high.

The Serbian Boy and Hungarian Girl figurines fetch a cool $3,000 each. These were made in the 1940s as a tribute to the European countries and depicts children in traditional garb.

Adventure Bound is a collection of seven children going off on a lark and no doubt getting into trouble. This set will make you around $6,000 per piece if you have it.

Look for a “full bee” trademark stamp on the statue's bottom. If you see one, it means the figurine is pre-1959 and worth up to $9,000.

Not For You, a statue of a boy and his dog, is another classic design. Having a little vintage icon like this could see you earn $3,000 from a collector.

An early Hummell design, The Merry Wanderer, is worth $2,000 when in peak condition and is one of the most popular designs. 

The Heavenly Angel in good condition is worth $100-$500 and Ring Around the Rosie about $1,000 or more per each of the four little girls in the set.

The trio of School Boys or Girls is worth $1,000 each to any collector worth his salt and sellers must make sure they are negotiating with someone not out to scam them.

So the next time you are accused of hoarding and told to clean out your clutter, just remember that sometimes your dusty old knickknacks may be worth a fortune to someone else.

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