NeNe Leakes Gives Latest Update on Her Relationship with Husband

Amidst all the drama that's found its way into the Leakes household, the reality TV star revealed that all is well with her and husband.

The "RHOA" star and her husband Gregg Leakes have had some ups and downs recently, and it's taken a significant toll on their relationship. There had even been speculations that the two are looking to divorce and go their separate ways.

But recently, NeNe spoke to "Us Weekly" while attending the "Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies’ annual Mother’s Day luncheon" in Beverly Hills on Thursday, May 9 about the state of her marriage and all seems to be well.

However, in the last season of their reality TV show, things seemed edgy between the two who were having a hard time handling Gregg's cancer diagnosis.

Gregg, a real estate consultant, 64, was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in June 2018 and due to this, he and NeNe started sleeping in separate bedrooms in their Atlanta home.

The 51-year-old even confessed to wanting a divorce at some point in their relationship but decided against it because her husband has always been by her side.

NeNe also revealed that because she's always had Gregg as her go-to person, it's been hell knowing that the hands of time have changed and she would now be the one in that position. Its also not been easy since its a new role, one she's not quite used to and so it takes some getting used to.

Regardless of it all, the Leakes are determined to get through it together and find a way to make things work for them.

“Gregg, he’s a supporter. He’s always supported my career, and it just was hard for him to support [when he was sick],” “I’m used to him being there, and the fact that he wasn’t there really hurt us because I was just like, ‘I don’t have him to go to for advice. I don’t have him to do anything because he’s sick in bed.’ And it was really tough on us,” NeNe told "Us Weekly" on Thursday.

But all seems fine now, NeNe is grateful for all the external support she's been getting during the trying time, and according to her, she's been getting plenty. Loved ones and friends stepped up to support her with some even inviting her out on hangouts to keep her mind off the stress.

She also revealed to fans that her husband's health is much better and she can feel that he is now healthier than he used to be. The star also mentioned that he took a scan to check if there is still cancer in his body, but they are still awaiting the results. Leakes believes that everything is well and she is only looking forward to good news.

The couple got married in 1997 and soon divorced in 2011. They however worked through things, fell in love and tied the knot again in 2013. They both share a son, Brentt, 20 and other kids from previous relationships.

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