Tori Spelling Reunites with ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Stars in Reboot’s Very First Promo

Cheryl Kahla
May 14, 2019
09:40 P.M.
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Tori Spelling reunites with the cast of the original "Beverley Hills 90210" for a reboot of the American drama series. 


Fox released a teaser for the "Beverly Hills 90210" reboot on Monday. The show, which will be named "BH90210," features most of the original main cast.


The teaser dialed up the nostalgia using the theme song we all know and love, and the viewer sees each character as they prepare for the day. 


The cast goes through their morning routines as they prepare for their return to the show when each of them hears an updated version of the show’s theme tune.

The show will follow the cast who will play “heightened versions of themselves” as they prepare to film a 90210 reboot.

Each of them cracks a smile at recognizing the tune and head out the door presumably back to start their day on the new show.


"Beverly Hills 90210" ran for ten seasons from 1990 and 2000 and was a massive part of popular culture during the nineties.


The original show was the classic fish-out-of-water story of two siblings trying to navigate their way through the social scene in a posh West Beverly Hills school.

Tori Spelling, now a mother-of-five, reunites with Jason Priestley, Shannon Doherty, Brian Austin Green, and Gabrielle Carteris for the reboot and all feature in the teaser.


The show looks to be all about reconnecting with the show cast years after the last season however there will be one notable absentee from the cast.


Luke Perry, who rose to fame as the bad boy on "Beverly Hills 90210," sadly passed away from a stroke in March.

He was starring in the hit show "Riverdale" and had not signed on for the reboot at the time of his death.

The returning cast is committed to making the show a success and leaving any ill-will in the past.



The show will follow the cast who will play “heightened versions of themselves” as they prepare to film a "BH90210" reboot.

We’ll get to go behind the scenes as the actors reunite and old friends, first loves and frenemies all come together again for the first time in nearly two decades.

Throughout the run of the show, the drama between the cast off-screen was a constant source of entertainment.


It seems as though the cast and crew have embraced this in creating this satirical look behind the scenes. Priestly told Entertainment Weekly: 

"The prospects of a bunch of fictionalized versions of ourselves trying to get this 90210 reboot off the ground, we’re telling this is in a very comical way. I think the opportunity to satirize the situation is something we all found very appealing."

 "BH90210" will premiere on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, on Fox at 9 pm Eastern Time.