Princess Charlotte Gets Cheeky in Kate Middleton's New ‘Back to Nature’ Garden

A remarkably cute video that is beginning to go viral shows Princess Charlotte and her siblings having some fun at their mother’s nature garden. The young princess left many lovers of the royal family in smiles with some of her actions.

4-year-old Princess Charlotte has never been afraid of smiling or waving at the camera since her birth. The adorable princess is never one to shy away from expressing herself, and she was at it again while spending time with her siblings in the full glare of nature at her mom's "Chelsea Flower Show." 


Princess Charlotte, being the only female child of William and Kate, showed her protective side as the entire family arrived at the "Back to Nature" garden. while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived with the children. She held her little brother, Prince Louis’s hand firmly, an act that many royal fans love so much.


While at the garden, the siblings engaged in some fun activities, but Princess Charlotte was well over the place, swinging ropes, saying no to her brother, getting her feet in the mud and getting into a stream. She seemed to enjoy the garden experience much more than her other siblings by the look of things. At first, she had some fun jumping on the swing after which she rejected brother Prince George’s call for help while he played in the den.

After some time, the cheeky princess couldn’t resist joining George while he explored the stream. She quickly took off her shoes and climbed a muddy hill. In the process of doing all that, she got her feet in the mud, and her footsteps left traces of mud as well. Another cute moment saw the princess scream out “Ooh la la,” in clear admiration and love for the garden’s wonders.


The Duchess of Cambridge has been busy working on her show garden in recent weeks, and this was an opportunity for her husband and children to see firsthand the result of her work. Well, by the look of things, particularly Charlotte’s expressions, they did love it. The Duchess is an avid lover of nature and finds time to enjoy it.


Being the second child to the Duke and Duchess does not seem to make the charming princess play second fiddle to her brother, George, and this is even seen in the video. Charlotte is growing up so fast and sometimes bosses over Prince George. She is also bossing over languages too, as she can speak English and Spanish, thanks to the presence of their Spanish nanny. Here are more details about Princess Charlotte.