'American Idol' Judges Share Their Thoughts on Returning for a Third Season

The reality singing competition American Idol wrapped up its second season on ABC and Laine Hardy was crowned the winner on May 20. The iconic and extremely entertaining show has already committed to another season for 2020 but it worries if the judging trio of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan will return.

After the season finale, the judges revealed what it would take for them to return to the show. 

“What would it take? The same thing we did this year,” Richie, 69, told reporters. “We got the three greatest personalities ever on this show. When I started with this group I was a bit worried. I kept telling America to pray for me, but now that I know everybody and their characters, I would not do another show without them!”

Bryan, 42, agreed with Richie. “You know, we’ve had an amazing two years. It feels like this year we came in and had a clearer vision and developed our identity and our role,” he said. “We want to keep that going. We’re proud of what people at home are watching. I mean, I know Lionel and Katy are getting it when we walk down the street when somebody comes up and says, ‘We love the way you’re treating these kids on American Idol.’ It truly feels really great!”

Katy Perry had similar feelings towards the panel. “It feels good that we’re really getting to know each other,” Perry, 34, she added.

“It’s tough because we’re so invested,” Perry continued. “It’s so difficult to play chess with people’s dreams. I do wish we could have American Idols, the show, but I think that America did a fantastic job at voting for this first live show.”

ABC renewed the show hosted by Ryan Seacrest last week for a third season, sealing the future of the show. But the presence of the judges along with Seacrest hasn’t been sealed just yet.

Offers have been put on the table and the production team hopes that all of the talents will return, but no announcements have been made nor have the timings been set. We believe the negotiations could go on for quite a while. 

All three judges prefer constructive criticism and have been praised and loved for being able to step into the shoes of the contestants. The show will have to take all measures necessary to not let these talents slip away.  

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