Little Boy Asked His Grandpa to Make Animal Sounds

We all know that kids say the darndest things when least expected, sometimes to the extent that you want to hide your head in shame.

The worst has got to be when they take an innocuous remark and treat it as though it's gospel, like the little boy in this story did, and then tell the one person they shouldn't!

Bobby was sitting and talking to his Grandpa in the kitchen one afternoon while his mom helped his Grandma with her baking when he innocently asked,

“Grandpa, do you know how to make animal sounds?”

“I sure do” Grandpa replied. “What sort of animal sound would you like to hear?”

“Can you bark like a dog?” Bobby asked.

"WOOF WOOF WOOF," came Grandpa's response.

“Can you meow like a cat?” Bobby asked.

"MEOW MEOW MEOW," was Grandpa's reply.

“Wow, Grandpa. How about a toad? Do you know how to sound like a toad?”

“Sure,” said Grandpa, cupping his hand to his mouth.

"CROAAAAK CROOOAAAKK CRROOOOAAAAAAKKK," said Grandpa, really getting into the spirit.

 “Yippee!” screamed Bobby jumping up and down, “We're all going to Miami!”

“Huh?” questioned Grandpa. “Why’s that?”

“Because Grandma said that after you croak, we can all go live it up in Miami!”

I can't imagine the awkward sound of crickets in the room after Bobby spilled that little secret! Has anything like that ever happened to you? Share this giggle with your friends and let them tell you their most embarrassing "grandchildren" moment.

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