Nia Long Shares Rare Photo with Her Mom on Son Massai's Graduation Day

Adorable actress Nia Long takes pictures with mum and son on his graduation from high school, but the resemblance between the actress and her mother is uncanny. 

When Nia Long's son, Massai Jnr. achieved a major milestone in his life, graduating from high school and has his eyes set on college, family and friends gathered to celebrate him. 

Talita Long, who bore a strong resemblance to her daughter, Nia, wore a beautiful smile as herself, daughter and grandson posed for the camera. Still looking young and ravishing it cannot be mistaken that Talita and Nia are related, and good genes does run in the family. 

Massai Jnr. Dorsey is the product of the relationship between Nia and former partner, Massai Snr. The young man who has grown immensely and recently clocked 18 is a student-athlete and has his eyes set on Eastern Kentucky University. 

He made it known when he posted via social media thanking his teachers, coaches, teammates, and parents for making his dreams come through.

Also, Nia is one very proud mom and is her son's biggest cheerleader. She emphasized this when she showed off her son on his recent accomplishment. She made it known to the world by taking to Instagram to celebrate Massai Jnr.

She also acknowledged her son's father, Massai Snr. and thanked him for taking time out to always attend their son's games. After splitting from her Massai Snr., the actress began another relationship with Nigerian-American NBA player, Ime Udoka and has a son from that union, Kez Sunday Udoka.

The 48-year-old beauty and mother has done well for herself both as a family woman and career one. She has been acting for the past 30 years and has made a name for herself in the industry.

She is best known for some of her roles in movies and has also featured in popular television shows. Nia is from a family of mixed ancestry and descent, which is apparent in her exotic looks.

Both her parents, Talita and Doughtry Long were school teachers, and they got divorced when she was a young child; she moved out with her mum to Iowa where her acting skills were honed. 

Nia love's for her mum is deep. Also, she is aware of the struggles single mothers go through as she is one herself. She admits that Talitha had been a source of great encouragement when making serious life-changing decisions. 

Not only do these women bear a physical resemblance, but they are also strong and resourceful ladies.