Wendy Williams Is 'Dipping & Doin' It' in Tight Black Dress & Sunglasses

Wendy Williams oozes sexy in the heels of her divorce. The talk show host is photographed during a dinner wearing a plunging black dress and looking hot as ever. 

Wendy Williams may be in the middle of a divorce but she’s at the peak of hotness.  The talk show host recently went out to dinner looking stunning in a silhouette dress. 


A photo shared by the Wendy Show on Instagram oozed a different kind of Wendy from months ago. What we’re seeing is a fierce woman in dark shades sitting confidently on a couch and putting her best assets forward. 

Wendy’s latest look is a contrast to her pre-separation photos where she appeared tired and sleepless.

She rocks a skintight black dress with a plunging neckline and a white sweater loosely worn to reveal one shoulder. The recently separated host fashioned long straight blond hair framing her small face perfectly. 


Wendy’s latest look is a contrast to her pre-separation photos where she appeared tired and sleepless. The 54-year-old had been checked into a sober house then as she battled her addiction. 

We later learned she was also going through a crisis in her marriage to Kevin Hunter. She discovered the 46-year-old was having an affair with another woman for years. That woman, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to their first child in March.


As a result of that mess, Wendy filed for divorce from her husband of 22 years in April. She also fired him as her manager and executive producer on her long-running talk show. They’re currently in the process of sorting out the terms of their divorce though not without doses of drama. 

A couple of weeks back, their only son, Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested for punching his father in the face. Tensions rose when the father and son argued about his parents’ divorce. Kevin Sr. later blamed Wendy for brainwashing their only child against him. He’s been getting the cold shoulder from him every time he attempted to spend time with him. 

With all that’s going on, Wendy appears to still be in her best element looking gorgeous as ever in her latest outing. That being said, no one does divorce better than the outspoken talk show host.