'Crooklyn' Actress Alfre Woodard Has Been Married for 35 Years & Has 2 Kids

Monica Otayza
Jun 13, 2019
06:48 A.M.
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Unlike many celebrity marriages that end in divorce, actress Alfre Woodard who played Carolyn on "Crooklyn" has been happily married for 35 years with two adult kids. 


Alfre Woodard won hearts all over the world when she portrayed Carolyn on "Crooklyn," which paved the way for her successful career. However, it's not just in her career that she's truly winning, as even her personal life is admirable. 


The parallelism of her Work and Reality

Woodard played Carolyn, a loving but uptight mother of five children on "Crooklyn," Spike Lee's 1994 hit film. Her character, amid all the challenges, kept her family together against all odds. In real life, that's exactly what Alfre did as well, keeping her family together for more than three decades now. 


Alfre began acting in 1978 when there were very limited opportunities for African-American women. In 1983, she did something that not many others could do, which was to marry a white man named Roderick Spencer, during a time when interracial marriages were looked down upon. 

Breaking Barriers

Breaking barriers both in her career and personal life, Woodard went on to become a successful Hollywood actress with multiple shows and movies and went on to have one of Hollywood's most long-standing marriages as well. 

What makes the Spencer couple's long-standing relationship all the more admirable, is the fact that they both work in an industry where divorce is the norm, and it's rare for people in those careers to stay married. 


While Alfre works in front of the camera, her beloved husband is a director and professor of directing and screenwriting at the Emerson College in Los Angeles, and his own alma mater, Colorado College. 

A Happy Family

Alfre and Roderick do not have any children of their own, but they decided to adopt a son and daughter named Duncan and Mavis. Now, their children are all grown up and they continue to be the happy family that they've always been. 


Although Alfre keeps her personal life under wraps most of the time, she occasionally shares adorable photos of her grown family. In fact, her captions always show just how close they are, including one of her son and husband, saying "baby daddy + his badass baby."


Of course, aside from being extremely loving to her children, the "12 Years a Slave" actress is the same to her husband. During their anniversary, she did simple mathematics in her caption, saying: 

“U can’t put 1ft on boat+1ft on Dock, U gotta put both feet in the boat! 35yrs+growing.”


Alfre is a four-time Emmy Winner, a beloved actress, and a loving wife and mother. At this point in her life, there's barely anything she has not yet achieved, and all she could ever hope is for her family to remain happy and filled with love forever. 

“Love will demand things that are impossible. Marriage is about putting both feet in the boat and rowing out in the middle of the lake… [It] is a partnership that you continue to grow.”