Kirk Franklin Gets Candid about Why He Is against Religion (Video)

Kirk Franklin recently opened up on "The Same Room" and discussed why he's against organized religion.

Kirk Frankin, whose life's work has been to sing God's praise, opened up on the digital talk show "The Same Room" regarding his feelings about religion.

The gospel musician, songwriter, choir director, and author, stunned the audience by revealing that he's against religion, and he explained why. 

"The reason why I am so anti-religious is because since the inception of religion it is always been man's attempt to try to define who God is within culture, instead of allowing God to define who he is to man." Kirk Franklin


For Franklin, religious organizations often use God to further their own ends, rather than doing God's work.

Franklin believes that religious communities are structured according to each culture's needs, and not according to God's tenets.

 "Every religion is always sculptured to benefit the one that created it. Even when you look at the Church of England and how the Church of England was developed, so the king could get a divorce," he said.


Franklin pointed out that throughout human history, religion has been used to justify the most horrific crimes against humanity, from the Crusades to the Inquisition, to slavery.


Franklin believes that in order to regain respect, religious organizations will have to admit wrongdoing and make amends, just as secular systems have done in the recent past.

"Just like there are many mistakes in the legal system in America. There are so many police that has done many many bad things. There are so many times where the judicial system has gotten it wrong," he said.


Franklin, who has spent his entire career in bringing his love of God to people through Gospel music, said,

"We have to shed light on the good, while also acknowledging the bad when it comes to the idea of faith. don't throw God out, just because some idiots made some mistakes."

Franklin hopes that those who have been disillusioned by the frail men who represent organized religion will not turn away from Faith, but embrace God and bring Him into their lives as a personal choice.


Kirk Franklin's oldest son, Kerrion, made the shocking claim that his father had tried to kill him.

Kerrion, who was born in 1988, made this startling claim on an Instagram post.

"My own father is trying to kill me," he wrote.

The man then went on to say that if anything "happened" to him, Franklin should be blamed.

Franklin, who is known for his staunch Christian beliefs, is not close to his son. Franklin is married to former makeup artist Tammy Collins and they share two children daughter Kennedy and son Caziah.

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