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July 02, 2019

Full Schedule of All Christmas Movies Airing on Hallmark This July

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Even though it's July, there are already people eagerly waiting for Christmas to come, but while it doesn't, they will be glad to know that Hallmark has come up with a solution.

The Hallmark Channel has decided to bring the Christmas spirit to its viewers right in the middle of summer with a whole selection of jolly films they will certainly enjoy.

Fans of Christmas movies will not want to miss the opportunity to cool off by watching some of the best holiday movies the network has to offer.


In total, Hallmark Channell will be airing over 225 films starring several known faces such as Kellie Pickler, Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert.

The Christmas marathon is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. on July 12 with the movie "Christmas Next Door," and will end on July 28 with the premiere of "Good Witch."

You can check out the full schedule below:

July 122 p.m. - Christmas Next Door4 p.m. - Christmas in Love6 p.m. - Reunited at Christmas8 p.m. - Mingle All the Way10 p.m. - A Royal Christmas

July 1312 a.m. - A Gift to Remember2 a.m. - Crown for Christmas4 a.m. - A December Bride6 a.m. - A Very Merry Mix-Up8 a.m. - With Love, Christmas10 a.m. - Let It Snow12 p.m. - It's Christmas, Eve!2 p.m. - Christmas Joy4 p.m. - Switched for Christmas6 p.m. - Coming Home for Christmas8 p.m. - Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe10 p.m. - First Look Holiday Preview Special - PREMIERE11 p.m. - Christmas Getaway


July 141 a.m. - Sharing Christmas3 a.m. - My Christmas Dream4:30a/3:30 a.m. - Sleigh Bells Ring6 a.m. - Love You Like Christmas8 a.m. - Christmas in Evergreen10 a.m. - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year12 p.m. - The Sweetest Christmas2 p.m. - Jingle Around the Clock4 p.m. - The Nine Lives of Christmas6 p.m. - Christmas at the Palace8 p.m. - Christmas Under Wraps10 p.m. -: Christmas at Pemberley Manor

July 1512 a.m. - Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa2 a.m. - Welcome to Christmas4 a.m. - Miss Christmas6 a.m. - Christmas in Homestead8 a.m. - Entertaining Christmas2 p.m. - A Bride for Christmas4 p.m. - A Wish for Christmas6 p.m. - Snow Bride8 p.m. - A Christmas Detour10 p.m. - Finding Santa


July 1612 a.m. - A Shoe Addict's Christmas2 a.m. - My Christmas Love4 a.m. - Marry Me at Christmas6 a.m. - Sharing Christmas8 a.m. - Switched for Christmas2 p.m. - Christmas in Evergreen4 p.m. - Christmas Made to Order6 p.m. - A December Bride8 p.m. - Christmas at Holly Lodge10 p.m. - Christmas Next Door

July 1712 a.m. - Christmas at the Palace2 a.m. - On the Twelfth Day of Christmas4 a.m. - Help for the Holidays6 a.m. - A Cookie Cutter Christmas8 a.m. - Mingle All the Way2 p.m. - It's Christmas, Eve!4p.m. - Crown for Christmas6 p.m. - Christmas Under Wraps8 p.m. - The Nine Lives of Christmas10 p.m. - The Christmas Cottage

July 1812 a.m. - Road to Christmas2 a.m. - Best Christmas Party Ever4 a.m. - A Perfect Christmas6 a.m. - A Boyfriend for Christmas8 a.m. - Christmas in Love2 p.m. - Christmas Land4 p.m. - Coming Home for Christmas6 p.m. - A Very Merry Mix-Up8 p.m. - Christmas Getaway10 p.m. - Christmas Connection


July 1912 a.m. - Jingle Around the Clock2 a.m. - Matchmaker Santa4 a.m. - Christmas at Cartwright's6 a.m. - Christmas Cookies8 a.m. - 12 Gifts of Christmas2 p.m. - Miss Christmas4 p.m. - A Christmas Melody6 p.m. - Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe8 p.m. - Christmas at Pemberley Manor10 p.m. -Christmas Joy

July 2012 a.m. - A Dream of Christmas2 a.m. - With Love, Christmas4 a.m. - My Christmas Dream6 a.m. - Christmas Incorporated8 a.m. - A Royal Christmas10 a.m. - Christmas Made to Order12 p.m. - Christmas Next Door2 p.m. - Christmas Under Wraps4 p.m. - A Gift to Remember6 p.m. - Welcome to Christmas8 p.m. - A Shoe Addict's Christmas10 p.m. - Summer Nights Preview Special - PREMIERE10:30/9:30 p.m. - Reunited At Christmas


July 2112:30/11:30 a.m. - Snow Bride2:30/1:30 a.m. - The Mistletoe Promise4:30/3:30 a.m. - Christmas List6 a.m. - Marry Me at Christmas8 a.m. - It's Christmas, Eve!10 a.m. - Christmas at Holly Lodge12 p.m. - A Wish for Christmas2 p.m. - A Christmas Detour4 p.m. - The Christmas Cottage6 p.m. - Christmas in Love8 p.m. - Christmas at Graceland10 p.m. - Mingle All the Way

July 2212 a.m. - Switched at Christmas2 a.m. - Christmas Getaway4 a.m. - Once Upon a Holiday6 a.m. - A Very Mery Mix-Up8 a.m. - Coming Home for Christmas2 p.m. - A Perfect Christmas4 p.m. - A Boyfriend for Christmas6 p.m. - Jingle Around the Clock8 p.m. - Christmas at the Palace10 p.m. - A Dream of Christmas


July 2312 a.m. - A Holiday Engagement2 a.m. - The Mistletoe Inna.m. - The Christmas Parade6 a.m. - My Christmas Dream8 a.m. - Snow Bride2 p.m. - Christmas at Cartwright's4 p.m. - Christmas at Graceland6 p.m. - 12 Gifts of Christmas8 p.m. - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year10 p.m. - With Love, Christmas

July 2412 a.m. - Reunited at Christmas2 a.m. - The Christmas Cure4a.m. - Christmas Connection6 a.m. - Love You Like Christmas8 a.m. - Christmas Joy2 p.m. - Marry Me at Christmas4 p.m. - A Shoe Addict's Christmas6 p.m. - Christmas at Pemberley Manor8 p.m. - Welcome to Christmas10 p.m. - The Sweetest Christmas

July 2512 a.m. - Christmas in Evergreen2 a.m. - I'm Not Ready for Christmas4 a.m. - Hats off to Christmas!6 a.m. - My Christmas Love8 a.m. - Christmas Under Wraps2 p.m. - Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe4 p.m. - Christmas Incorporated6 p.m. - Christmas at Holly Lodge8 p.m. - A Royal Christmas10 p.m. - A Gift to Remember


July 2612 a.m. - Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa2 a.m. - Looks Like Christmas4 a.m. - Merry Matrimony6 a.m. - Let it Snow8 a.m. - The Mistletoe Promise3 p.m. - Switched for Christmas5 p.m. - On the Twelfth Day of Christmas7 p.m. - A Wish for Christmas9 p.m. - Christmas Getaway11 p.m. - It's Christmas, Eve!

July 271 a.m. - The Christmas Cottage3 a.m. - Once Upon a Holiday5 a.m. - Entertaining Christmas7 a.m. - Crown for Christmas9 a.m. - Road to Christmas11 a.m. - Christmas in Love1 p.m. - A December Bride3 p.m. - The Sweetest Christmas5 p.m. - Christmas at the Palace7 p.m. - Mingle All the Way9 p.m. - Rome in Love11 p.m. - Christmas at Pemberley Manor

July 281 a.m. - Finding Santa3 a.m. - The Nine Lives of Christmas4:30/3:30 a.m. - Coming Home for Christmas6 a.m. - Christmas Connection8 a.m. - A Dream of Christmas10 a.m. - Christmas Next Door12 p.m. - A Very Merry Mix-Up2 p.m. - A Shoe Addict's Christmas4 p.m. - Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe6 p.m. - Reunited at Christmas8 p.m. - Good Witch