July 06, 2019

Daily Joke: A Young Man Notices That the Spoons and Forks Are Dirty at His Grandpa's Home

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A young man got the surprise of his life after he noticed that the fork and spoons in his grandfather’s home looked dirty.

A young man visited his grandfather’s house on the weekend, and during lunch, he noticed that the forks and spoons didn't look clean; they looked filmy.

A young man is crouched next to an old man, who is thinking hard | Photo: Shutterstock.com


Not sure of their cleanliness, he asked his grandfather, 

“Are you sure you washed these properly?”

The older man looked at the cutlery and replied, 

“They are as clean as cold water could get them.”

The young man accepted the response and ate his lunch. The next day during breakfast, he noticed that the plates were also filmy, and to make things worse, it also had a dog smell.

Becoming skeptical at this point, the young man asked his grandfather, 


“Are you sure you washed these plates properly?”

And once again, the older man responded, 

“They are as clean as cold water could get them.”

Senior man and big dog, closeup | Photo: Shutterstock.com


The young man didn’t trust his grandpa’s response and was concerned for his health. However, because he didn’t want to offend the older man, he ate his breakfast.

Later in the day, as the young man was leaving, his grandfather’s dog came out and blocked his exit, growling at him.

While he was thinking of how to get the dog out of the way, he heard his grandfather shout from inside the house, 

“Coldwater, leave that young man alone.”

On a different weekend, a wife decided to praise her family dog, and said to her husband, 


“We have a very brilliant dog; every morning, he brings the daily newspaper to the house.”

Happy Labrador retriever resting in the park | Photo: Shutterstock.com

The husband did not share his wife’s sentiment, and he told her, 


“Well, a lot of dogs do the same thing.”

The wife disagreeing with her husband, shook her head, saying,

“But we’ve never subscribed to any.”

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