Lauren London Allegedly Expects Son to Inherit $1 Million from Nipsey Hussle's Estate

Lauren London has taken steps to legalize matters in an attempt to protect her son, Kross's interest in the $1 million he's entitled to receive from Nipsey Hussle's estate. 

As Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London attempts to pick up the pieces after his death, she’s making sure their son, Kross Ashgedom will be well taken care of. The Blast reports she filed papers in court to protect his interests.  


In the wake of Hussle’s death, London was unsure how to move on. “I’m lost without you,” she wrote in a tribute following his tragic demise. During his funeral, she spoke of the security she felt around the slain rapper which was lost in his death and how she would keep his memory alive for their son.  


Months later, London appears to have set aside her grief to concentrate on the welfare of their two-year-old who’ll grow up barely remembering his father. She has taken steps to establish herself as Kross’ legal guardian while revealing the young boy is set to inherit $1 million from Hussle’s estate. 

With the lack of a will before his death, it is expected that the money will be divided between his two surviving children, Kross and his 10- year-old half-sister, Emani Ashgedom. 

The actress’ efforts to legalize matters is part of her attempt to be involved in the decisions regarding Hussle’s estate especially concerning what’s entitled to Kross. She assured the court that she will work only for the best interest of her child in taking care of the money he’ll be receiving.


Members of Nipsey’s family have expressed interest in managing Hussle’s estate which reportedly amounts to $2 million. With the lack of a will before his death, it is expected that the money will be divided between his two surviving children, Kross and his 10-year-old half-sister, Emani Ashgedom. 

Emani’s mother, Tanisha Foster has been battling it in court with Hussle’s family over the custody of her daughter which was given to Hussle’s sister, Samantha Smith. Smith filed for Emani’s legal guardianship claiming Foster is an unfit mother due to her pending criminal records.

Nipsey’s death has been receiving a lot of attention lately with details surrounding his murder and his family's interest in his daughter and estate. Here’s hoping loose ends are tied soon so everyone can move forward from this untimely passing that rocked not just Hussle’s family but the world he revolved in. 

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