Luke Bryan Is Ready to Judge Another Season on 'American Idol'

The third season of American Idol has been announced and will take place in 2020. This announcement had Idol judge Luke Bryan excited and looking forward to working with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie again.

The trio were teamed up for the first two seasons of American Idol and unlike the Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul trio, this trio of judges has a different way of interacting with contestants that are loved by the audience

Bryan said in a tweet that the trio will be getting back together for the third season of American Idol. He said:

“The trio is getting back together! Ready for another season of laughs, tears and wigs flying on [American Idol].”

Bryan’s optimism for his, Katy and Lionel’s return to the third season of Idol as judges came before ABC Entertainment’s announcement that it is bringing back the trio of judges for the third season.


Bryan is not the only one that is excited about the third season and getting the trio back together. Katy and Lionel also tweeted their expectations for the upcoming season and their reunion, with Lionel saying

“New season, let’s go! So excited to be heading back to [American Idol] alongside [Katy Perry] & [Luke Bryan]! Time to find another superstar! #TheNextIdol”

American Idol is a reality TV talent show which has projected many artists into fame through its 17 seasons. The show serves as a platform for discovering new talent of which the judges and mentors are a huge part. 

This is the reason ABC announced that it will be bringing back the Idol in-house mentor Bobby Bones and Bobby is looking forward to the new season. He tweeted 

"Who has two thumbs and is coming back to [American Idol] this season? THIS GUY!" 

Bryan told Pop Culture that he is looking forward to taping the show as the trio’s role is to help the contestants as much as possible when they can. He said

“I think the people at home know that me and Lionel and Katy are really in there for the good of these kids, and getting them going” and “We truly care about what happens to them now. And any chance we can to help them out, we will.”

Although ABC is looking at turning the show into a franchise and cutting the show’s costs, for the Idol trio the show is more than just about getting paid, according to Katy it is about investing themselves fully and not toying with people’s dreams.

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