August 12, 2019

Brave Mum Underwent Mastectomy and Chemo before Being Told She Didn't Even Have Breast Cancer

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Sarah Boyle had already undergone chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery before the doctors disclosed to her she didn't have breast cancer and never had it.

Boyle, 28, recently appeared on "This Morning," where she shared that she received a call from the hospital only seven days after having a mastectomy, as reported by Mirror.

"I really need some answers on what is being done to make sure nobody else suffers in the same way I have."


"When you get a phone call early, you're scared," Boyle said. "The secretary asked to come a week and a half early. I asked, 'Am I dying? is it terminal?' and she said, 'No, quite the opposite.'"

At the point when the host asked her how she felt, she explained, "I think to both of them, breast care and surgeon, I was like, 'Thank you, thank you.' I thought they had saved my life."

The mother-of-two suddenly became emotional until she could no longer hold back her tears.


"I thought I'd done it, all of that suffering, all that pain, was for something," she said. "So I can be a mum to my son."

Because of her ordeal and also continues to suffer ongoing symptoms brought about by her treatment, Boyle has additionally endured psychological trauma. Fortunately, she got excellent help from the mental health support services.

"The past few years have been incredibly difficult for me and my family," she said. "Being told I had cancer was awful, but then to go through all of the treatment and surgery to then be told it was unnecessary was traumatising."


Boyle underwent several rounds of chemotherapy treatment, a bilateral mastectomy and breast implants at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Sadly, she learned she might have cancer in the future because of reconstructive surgery.

"As if that wasn't bad enough, I am now worried about the possibility of actually developing cancer in the future because of the type of implants I have and I am also worried about complications that I may face because of my chemotherapy," she said.

"While nothing will change what I've been through, I really need some answers on what is being done to make sure nobody else suffers in the same way I have," she added.

Boyle lives in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, with her husband Steven, 31. The couple shares two children — Teddy and Louis.