September 03, 2019

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Sued after Driver Allegedly Hit Man with SUV in 2018

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez reportedly "fled the scene" after their SUV hit a pedestrian last year. The man is now suing them for damages.

A man is suing Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez for the injuries he obtained when the couple’s driver allegedly hit him with their SUV last year.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attending "Project Destined" Yankees Shark Tank Presentations at the Yankee Stadium in March 2018. | Photo: Getty Images



According to TMZ, the accuser, Liyanage Perera filed documents against the singer and her fiancé to cover his medical expenses for his injuries, the extent of which was not revealed. He is also claiming for damages. 

He details that he was walking behind an eatery along Melrose Avenue on October 16, 2018, when the couple’s Cadillac SUV hit him. A video uncovered by TMZ shows photographer Perera lying on the ground after the impact which took place near Craig’s restaurant. 


Perera clarifies that the A-list stars were not behind the wheel but were inside the vehicle that hit him. He also accuses them of fleeing the scene right after without checking to see how he was or reprimanding their security team for the accident. 

“They quickly fled the scene,” he said.  

Perera supposedly reported the incident to the police but no criminal charges were filed. Law enforcement maintained that pedestrians are not allowed to block vehicles by standing in front of it. If they do, drivers are permitted to move forward. 



This is the second case involving a vehicle that has plagued the couple in August. Earlier in the month, a thief broke into Rodriguez’s rental car while having dinner in San Francisco. The thief reportedly stole about $500,000 worth of items including jewelry and electronics though a representative from ESPN said the estimated value was an exaggeration



It seems like the couple has been making headlines concerning vehicles lately. But not all of them is bad news. In fact, it was good news for the two of them when they each gifted each other with a brand new ride on their birthdays. 

Lopez and Rodriguez celebrated days apart and gifted each other with lavish vehicles. The singer, who turned 50 on July 24 received a fire engine red Porsche from the former baseball star who was likewise surprised with a vintage Ford Bronco by Lopez when he turned 44 on July 27. 

The formidable couple has been keeping fans glued to their relationship since announcing their engagement in March after dating for two years. They have yet to reveal their wedding plans but for quite some time now, they’ve been living together as a blended family with their children from previous relationships. A wedding ring on their fingers would just serve as the icing on the cake.