Proud Dad Prince Harry States His 4-Month-Old Son Archie Is Already 'Getting so Big'

Prince Harry attends a rugby event at a high school in Luton. One of the students asks him about Prince Archie, Harry gives his fans a quick update on his son.

Since the birth of their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, May 6, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been very diligent in protecting his privacy, for safety reasons. 

The couple have been seen out with Archie on only a few occasions such as the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day, when he was 2-months-old. At 3-months-old, he was spotted with Harry and Meghan, boarding a private plane, during their vacation at Sir Elton John’s home of Castel Mont-Alban, in France.

Fans might not be getting regular exposure to Archie, but Harry is always willing to give them an update on his son.

During a children's rugby event at Lealands High School in Luton, Harry was asked by one of the students about Archie, she enquired:

"Prince Harry, how is everything going with Archie?"

Trying to control the crowd of excited children standing in front of him, Harry gushes about Archie saying:

"He is really well, thanks, and he's getting so big."

Giving the little a smile to the young girl's thoughtful question, and looking a little overwhelmed with all the children trying to get his attention, Harry gets back to organising the rugby event.

Harry has been the vice patron of England's Rugby Football Union (RFU), since 2010. In 2013 he succeeded the Queen of England's role and became the main patron of the school programme. Sharing her excitement on meeting Harry, one of the students, Zara-Jess Gudza, says:

"It was just the inspiration, he is so big in this world and he came to this school. It felt crazy to meet someone who is part of the royal family and felt kind of inspirational."

Harry is wrapping up most of his local appearances over the next few weeks, as he prepares to travel with his family for their first international tour across Africa, on September 23. His family will join him in South Africa, and he will continue touring Botswana, Malawi and Angola on his own.

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