'Top Gun' Star Val Kilmer Makes Rare Public Appearance at His HelMel Studios Art Gallery Opening

Val Kilmer attends the opening of his art gallery. In a rare appearance he mingles with the event's attendees and poses for pictures.

Val Kilmer has made very few public appearances since he was diagnosed with throat cancer a few years ago. He now has a tracheotomy in his neck, which he often cover's up with a scarf or bandana. 

His health challenges have not seemed to slow him down, he is healthy and remains active pursuing his passion in acting and running his art gallery. At the opening of his art gallery HelMel Studios, in Melrose Avenue, he writes:

"I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to push through the hard hearted Los Angeles roads to enjoy the opening of my @helmelstudios gallery. Friends new and old came to show tremendous support for @ericnashart and his seductively arresting charcoal drawings."

In a series of images, he shares with fans some of the art work on display and poses with the artist, Eric Nash.

Having had a passion for art for many years, his gallery focuses on various forms of art, from paintings to sculptures, ranging anywhere from $17 to $150 000. Sharing more about the gallery opening he continues talking about the event saying:

"The thoughtful conversations, warms laughs and positive energy created a glow rivalling the beams of light stretching out from the Hollywood Bowl. I can't thank Eric enough for sharing his beautiful work and hope that all of you get the chance to see it before it all goes to happy homes."

Although Kilmer's gallery has been successful, he is currently facing legal troubles from an artist who claims he stole the idea for one of his $150 000 gold sculptures. Talking about the inspiration behind the sculpture, he explains:

"Finally finished: my second bronzed and now gold tumbleweed. I've always loved them. Gee up with them blowin across the San Fernando valley especially during the famous Santa Ana winds..."

It is reported, Texas-based sculptor Bale Creek Allenis suing Kilmer for stealing his idea and copywriting the means of production. 

While Kilmer focuses on his other art projects, he denies the charges and hopes to have the case thrown out of court.

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