Ivanka Trump Reveals Daughter Arabella 'Hit Her Head Hard' While Playing Gaga but Is Fine Now

Ivanka Trump had a scare on Tuesday after her daughter, Arabella hit her head hard while playing a children's game, but thankfully, the little girl is doing fine.

Politics and affiliations aside, Ivanka Trump is a dedicated mother, and on Tuesday, she had a scare after her only daughter, Arabella, hit her head when playing.


Based on what the first daughter shared to her Instagram story, Arabella, 8, hit her head hard while playing gaga, a form of dodgeball. Ivanka wrote about the incident, 

"Yesterday, Arabella slipped while playing gaga, and hit her head hard."

Adding in a bracket, 

"Thankfully, she is fine."

Screenshot from Ivanka Trumps Instagram story | Photo: Instagram / @IvankaTrump

Screenshot from Ivanka Trumps Instagram story | Photo: Instagram / @IvankaTrump

The senior White House adviser equally used it as an opportunity to share relevant reading material with fellow parents and caregivers. She attached a link to a fact sheet from CDC that educates the public on the dangers of concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

According to a CDC report, about 800,000 children in the United States get treated for TBI related injuries in emergency rooms of hospitals. Symptoms include nausea, headaches, dizziness, confusion, clumsiness, and memory problems.


Arabella whom Ivanka shares with husband, Jared Kushner had none of these symptoms. The first daughter dotes on her daughter, and two sons, Joseph, and Frederick, but she prefers not to put them in the spotlight.

The "Women Who Work" author likes to keep her private life and professional life separate, especially when it comes to her father, President Donald Trump's unpopular views. 

Last November, she told ABC'S, Deborah Roberts, 

"I wasn't elected, so my perspective and opinions, are not as relevant." 

So far, Ivanka has succeeded in separating the two and will continue to do so.

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