Retired NBA Player Byron Scott Posts & Deletes Video Calling out Son Thomas & BW Star Kristen Scott

Byron Scott posted and deleted a video of himself lashing out at his son Thomas and Thomas’ wife Kristen, who is a cast member on "Basketball Wives."

Byron’s displeasure with his son and daughter-in-law had to do with how he was allegedly portrayed during a recent episode of the VH1 reality series.

As MadameNoire recounts, the episode in question revolved around Thomas and Kristen reportedly inviting Byron to dinner at their home so all three could sort out some family issues.

When the retired NBA star did not show up and was said to have chosen a baseball game instead, Kristen reportedly said it was an indication of where his priorities were.

Trashing the storyline, Byron made a video late last week and claimed he was never invited to his son and daughter-in-law’s home for dinner.

Still To Come: Byron and Thomas' strained relationship had always been a storyline on "BW," but things seemed to get worse

"'Supposedly' I was invited to go to dinner at their house. [It] never happened. I was never invited to go to their house for dinner," he revealed.

Byron added that he and Thomas had talked about having dinner together but never came around to setting a venue.

The former head coach continued:

"For them to go on and portray that I was supposed to come over and I skipped it and went to the baseball game instead of coming over, to try to handle a family situation or a family matter, is ridiculous."

Finally, Byron had some words for Kristen and her alleged attempts to fix family issues. "Her always talking about she wants to fix this; she didn’t get close to that. She’s made it worse," he said.

Byron has since deleted the video but not before a "Basketball Wives" Instagram fan page caught it. You can watch the clip here.

Byron and Thomas' strained relationship had always been a storyline on "BW," but things seemed to get worse after Kristen and Byron’s fiancée Cece Gutierrez, a "BW" co-star, also fell out.

Meanwhile, Byron seems to be moving on from the latest family drama, at least judging by his Instagram page. After deleting the video of him calling Thomas and Kristen out, the former Lakers Shooting Guard shared one of his and Cece’s engagement party.

Byron and Cece got engaged last year after dating for over three years. "2 weeks ago, you became my fiancé. And soon you will be my wife. I am the luckiest man on earth. I love you, baby," Byron had written.

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