BFV Star Traci Braxton Spends Time with Her Only Grandson in Adorable Photo Shared by Son Kevin

Traci Braxton is enjoying life as a grandmother. A new photo shared by her son, Kevin Jr. showed her spending quality time with her grandson.

Kevin Jr. shared on Instagram a photo of his mother Traci Braxton, and her grandson spending quality time together. In the snap, the TV star dressed in an all-black outfit, baseball cap, and sporting an ankle chain sat beside her grandson.

Traci Braxton at SiriusXM Studios on April 10, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

Traci Braxton at SiriusXM Studios on April 10, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


The little boy had a pacifier in his mouth and appeared to enjoy sitting beside his grandmother. The photo had no caption except for the Instagram handle of the two people in it, and a purple heart-shaped and 100% emoji.

Kevin Jr.'s followers reacted to the snap with praise for his son and Braxton. One person wrote, 

"He is such a cutie pie." 

While another commented,

"Love, Traci, she's so relatable, and down to earth," adding, "Please don't ever change."


Braxton, who is also a singer became a grandma, although she prefers to be addressed as a "Duchess," in May 2018. In an Instagram post at the time, she wrote that it was the best Mother's Day gift ever. 

"This is by far the best Mother's Day present. I wish I could describe how amazing it feels to be a Duchess, so thankful for [Kevin Jr. and Olivia Harron] for bringing this special gift into our lives. The future has never looked so bright," she wrote.

While the "Braxton Family Values" star is proud to be a "Duchess," she revealed in an interview two months before her grandson arrived that she was shocked when her son and his girlfriend told her they were expecting a baby, but she soon got over it.


At the baby shower before the arrival of the child, Braxton led a prayer for the then-expecting mom and in an Instagram post, she wrote,

"A family that prays together stays together. The next generation of the family is almost here."

Traci Braxton might be enjoying life as a "Duchess," but she is equally proud to be a mom to Kevin Jr., and the two share a close relationship.

In 2017, after Tamar Braxton threw shade at the TV star on Instagram on her birthday, the young dad commented that it was pretty low of his aunt.

Despite the fights, the Braxtons remain a close-knit group, and Kevin Jr.'s son will grow up surrounded by his grandmother and other extended family members who love him.

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