NCIS: LA Fans Think That the 'Hail Mary' Episode Is 'Hilarious,' Praising the Whole Team

Aby Rivas
Oct 26, 2019
07:00 A.M.
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The latest episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles" aired on Sunday, October 13, and fans can't stop gushing about the incredible on-screen chemistry between their favorite characters.


Season 11 Episode 3 of “NCIS: LA” left fans praising the on-point balance between comedy—mostly in the hands of Kensi and Deeks—and tension in the popular CBS’s crime-drama.


In this episode, titled “Hail Mary,” the team gets a special assignment from Hetty (Linda Hunt), although she doesn’t offer many details except that it is a favor for retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride, who has helped the team in the past.

Security guards and babysitters

As the team meets with Kilbride at a hotel, the man explains that Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and Sam (LL Cool J) will be joining him and acting as his protection detail during an operation to find a missing naval intelligence officer.


On the other hand, newlywed couple Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), take on the role of babysitters of Kilbride’s prisoner, a man who’s gagged and bound in bed in his underwear.

“Man, I hope this is work-related,” Deeks jokes after seeing the prisoner.

Kilbride doesn’t offer many details to the team about his plan, holding his years of experience above them and calling them the generation of whiners.


Operation in march

Kilbride, Callen, and Sam arrive at a seemingly abandoned building where they meet the people that are planning on auctioning the missing navy officer to enemies of the U.S.

The woman, Jess Adams, knows things that could leave the U.S Government defenseless, so after going through security, Kilbride tries to negotiate with the young man allegedly in charge.


Meanwhile, Deeks is toying with the “big baby” he’s babysitting with Kensi. The man grows agitated and tries to tell the couple neither of them is safe there, but they ignore him and ask  Eric and Nell to identify him.

However, as they’re trying to take pics of his teeth, someone knocks on the door, and they find two sketchy guys. The ones the prisoner was trying to warn them about.

What follows is a hilarious sequence in which the couple has no other choice but jump from the room’s rail into the pool after throwing their prisoner too.


According to a video that Rua shared on Instagram, the stunt was done halfway by the actors and completed by their doubles.

Watch how they did it:


A big fail

Back on the negotiation table, Kilbride and the other two kidnap the young man that was in charge of the operation after he refused to collaborate with them.

They later discover that the wannabe is Adnan Das, the son of self-made millionaire Vihaan Das, the real brain behind the operation.


The team reunites with their respective prisoners at a boathouse. There, they lock the Adnan and the “big baby” in a room while they discuss how to proceed with the rescue of Jess Adams.

Soon after, they tell Vihaan that they have his son and ask for Adams in return. But they’re faced with a huge problem: Adnan died from an apparent overdose right under their noses.

With their leverage gone, the team decides to pull a “Weekend At Bernies’” stunt, putting sunglasses on the young man and positioning his body to make it seem like he’s alive.


When they meet with Vihaan at a golf course, Jess Adams arrives with one of Vihaan's employees. Sam asks the man to bring Adams to the front for the exchange, but the man wants to talk to his son first.

Since his son doesn’t talk, Vihaan refuses the deal, but as he starts walking, a shooting ensues, and the team kills everyone and rescues Jess Adams.


Aftermath and fans' reactions

After going back to the quarters, the team plans to celebrate at Deeks’ bar, and they even invite Kilbride, who, in a rare display of feelings, thanks them for their hard work.

Soon after the episode ended, passionate fans of the show took over Twitter to share their reactions, and most agreed on how the episode was one of the funniest so far.


They praised the team’s work and made special mentions for Kilbride and “Densi.”

“Deeks and Kensi still being all cute and quirky we love the superior married couple #NCISLA,” wrote one user.

And another added,

“After Arkady and Anna, Killbride, it’s my favorite guest star. His character’s so entertaining.”

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Season 11 Episode 4 will air on Sunday on CBS, but meanwhile, here's the teaser for the chapter: